#100 - rot box : compilation : one hundered releases (almost) and with it we celebrate and toast a 25
track compilation of song and sound. all exclusive beauty from the likes of : simon joyner, woods,
franklin bruno, nutiriton fun, kids of the atomic age, rudy waltz, scott jacobson, snowstorm, ed rooney,
well water, john thill, sam locke-ward, caleb fraid, whitman, joe tingley, meek rishi, charlie mcalister,
justin o'connor, car commercials, birdie hilltop, l.e. methe, ed gray, indian lore,
william wesley & the tiny sockets...best bet for fun!!!

#99 - ed rooney : "new / old standards" : after producer steve albini punched rooney in the gut, he
proceeded to cough up his teburculosis and dust all over the magnetics of this thin tape. collected
rummage from the handheld archives (1995-2010) somewhat re-worked and yet again forgotten.
a batter of a bruise to be sure.

#98 - the prairies : "wasted forever" : omaha nebraskas gut rock outfit rolls over your face and mashes it up
leaving you slobbering and wobbling. overblown magnetics push far into your red...and your wimpering is hard
to hear, over the cacophony of busted up string, hammered skin and hammered brain.
the joys of youth being born over and over again. pop in excess.

#96 - buzzsaw / charlie mcalister : "no talent boom-boom" : a pair of seperate live performances bordering
constantly on uneasiness and chaos. classic buzzsaw spoken word mash-up from 1998, live on air, and a side
of charlies anti-music sentiments and boom boom debacle recorded in austin 2001. success or failure? you judge.

#95 - samuel locke-ward : "where the sick go to die / nonstop rawk & rawl jukebox vol. 17" : the ever
prolific SLW hands off true rawk indeed, to bring the total score of the total game in your favor. running the
gauntlet of quick catchy pop as fast as he can throw em at you, your heart beats and bleats faster, till it
just blows all that sewage out of your manholes.

#93 - william wesley & the tiny sockets : "dont dowse the house" : new collection of warped pop and crazed
4-tracked collage oddity. tape used as floss then the oxcide got flushed out with antiseptic. left big cavity.

#92 - diamondhead : "fickle woman" : blasts of junkyard debris and bits of fake rock re-form to create
cannon of short anthems and buzzed up hot breath collapse.

#87 - rudy waltz : "the late night saints" : traveler and bard, rudy waltz has been wandering for quite some
time. deep fucked up blues and strums from a busted up something or other.

#86 - chauchat : "stunts and rates" : a beautiful collection of various home recordings. (2001-2008)
everything under the sun, in between, and whats-to-come from the ever prolific tyler whitney. stunts
including, fragments of sparse acoustic balladry to vast guitar-scapes.

#85 - william wesley & the tiny sockets : "monthly money" : solo busted 4-track recordings of lopp-sided
pop spew, story-songs and sample crust. bad hygene from bloody mouth, with catchy bang
and strum immersed in effects and warble.

#84 - john thill : "broken freeways" : john thill puts forth high concept recordings dealing
with / without a future of plentiful fuel in the los angeles suburbs. speaking blues?? high
amounts of string and stum. perfect. more then perfect.

#83 - muscles : compilation : long delayed found sound compilation using all sorts of random source tapes
sent in from various artists. feverishly mixed and mashed up via : busted cassette decks, 4-tracks and
handheld recorders. sounds then played through various means and re-recorded (ie: abandoned houses,
above ground tombs, cleaning containers, etc.) ending up as complete mess of art (failure?)

#81 - nutrition fun : "the legend" : what happened??? new cassette compiled from lost, and
unreleased material. a definite hodge-podge of sound and strums, fitting snug into the midist
of nutrition funs career (thus far) - twenty some songs from the out of print "help me / fix me"
split cassette, as well as unreleased banter and boxfans from years past. play it inside out.

#80 - kyle jacobson : "pregnant with boredom" : massive 3 x cassette box set re-birthing a cornicopia
of song from beyond the grave. this brutal collection contains all the early "official" releases from kyle,
plus some bonus material, a small booklete of notes and pictures, housed in delux multi colored
silkscreened box. limited to only 30 copies, and $25 each.

#79 - kids of the atomic age / snowstorm / nutrition fun / chauchat : "dicontinued" : four way spill
of acoustic-pop-storysong-happenstance that leaves gummy residue. like attatching shrimp skins to a
large map then throwing darts...hitting equator...

#78 - john thill : "girls of meth" : john thill chases off dragons with new release of overblown
and strung up tight love and loss drug romps, hyper speed strum and questioning fits. inland empire song song.

#77 - the kids of the atomic age : "finale" : the final (?) kids tape recorded exclusivly
in old home town livingroom. 11 songs of acoustic pop faire, early afternoon croon, late night
rumble, plus long interludes of broken speech. induldge in coma-core.

#76 - samuel locke-ward : "boombox by bedside" : one of the songwriters from iowa cities rock
glop heavyhitters - MIRACLES OF GOD - gives us a few moments to reflect, when he is laid up in a
hospital bed with acoustic guitar/chord organ/boombox. hissy and genuine recordings of broken
time, doubt and thoughts on the afterlife.

#74 - ed rooney : "sweet nebraska land" : concrete folk song and sound. some kind of
meaning/thought/ache/being. its actually pretty odd. its wanting, but not getting anything. its failure,
but acceptance. all in song, or not. who knows? it was made one night, from a lot of many others.
its better then buzzing, and just as good as a coma.

#72 - kyle jacobson : "arnt you going to kiss me goodnight?" : the slices of life from the gargantuion pile of songs
that didnt make it onto the lp. still just as good, for sure. everything from lost loner acoustic beauty
to warped casio palindrome. he was one of my heroes. another bird hit with stone.

#71 - l.e. methe : "a million birds making a frightfull racket" : a lost cassette, found amongst dirt and dust,
is cleaned off, and released as is...two sides of tape manipulation, violin squall, answering machine feedback, red wine stains.

#67 - this is a horse : compilation : collection of unreleased and alternate versions of songs dealing mainly with
variations on "country" music, but definitaly no limited to that...tracks from : naturaliste, nutrition fun, charlie mcalister
, a john henry memorial, chauchat, swingset, rachel lipson, the loveletter band, stoves, mike allison/christopher fischer,
ed rooney, ed gray, will simmons, tiffany kolowalski, outlaw con bandana, joseph/pearl, caleb fraid, kids of the atomic age, etc.

#65 - buzzsaw : "expecting buzzy" : a nearly pornographic romp of word jazz, and conception. hear the joys and
horrors of a new project being birthed. backing sounds from "the tangled minds" throws this cassette straight down
and out of the canal.

#64 - eloine : "green stump" : a softer side of the public eyesore sistrum project. various chimes, found objects, and odd
instruments strum, pluck, and lurk out of the speaker. errie otherworld sounds for a forgotten civilization.

#63 - the north sea : "sanctuary" : a certin person, in this case mr. brad rose, takes electric guitar in hand and creates
thirty minutes of pure beauty. three short sketches, and one long-ish drone/howl.

#61 - a john henry memorial : "the battle of the black cloud" : new collection of 12 stark folkish ballads
with errie backing sounds via pipes, wires, metal objects, etc. compressed heartbeat, and wine stained hands.

#58 - caleb fraid : "up to no good" : hallow haunt acoustic song and sing along. the machine produces something
exclusive for you. let it all mend. new attempts at certin eh...

#56 - nutrition fun / ed rooney : "seriously dont make me kill you" : split cassette showcasing
30 minutes of singsong spew. dirt fidelity that somehow makes you feel warm all over. you are the
songwriter now. be gentle.

#55 - voost viszt : "hello, good evening" : short / long (depending on how you look at it) release of bizzare isolation songs.
mysterious and compelling. hear wine soaked howl and manipulation, and be comforted.

#53 - the kids of the atomic age : "highland stag" : the kids or kid in this case comes through with a
collection of pop songs to make your insides crumble into dust. long awaited songs from the past year or so.
break a bottle over your heart.

#52 - wio : "a pig in a poke" : belgium summerstar and cassette vetren gives you one side of old lost
four-track ballads / sonic riff and one side of all new folkish strum.

#51 - arnoux/sistrum/das torpedoes/metal tech : "2 weeks notice" : each member of the avant improv
group "naturaliste" take to thier own wings and create seven minutes each, of solo output.

#49 - nutrition fun/grape soda : "you are ready to pour the first beer" : two omaha singer-songwriters share sides.
folk-pop for the anti scene. simple acoustic songs buried in thier graves.

#47 - church of gravitron : "female advances in aviation" : three sprawling pieces of sonic
adjustment, and un-easy-ness. instrumental drone builds and falls apart on itself. static and buried melody.

#46 - buzzsaw : "the bravo finder" : wine soaked playscripts / songs with backing sounds from
charlie mcalister. a little cassette goes on a big adventure. co-released with seagull tapes.
- LOST!!!

#45 - charlie mcalister : "bring me my own head" : seventeen new offerings from the landlocked king of banjo/guitar
howl. songs of love and loss flushed down with whiskey and rum.

#44 - as yet no title : compilation : stark home-fi recording ballads from singer-songwriters of grand proportions.
all exclusive tracks from nutrition fun, ed gray, a john henry memorial, simon joyner, chauchat, ehrlichman,
dennis driscoll, the boyish charms, will simmons, the bruces, national dust, caleb fraid, brad rose, george willard,
charlie mcalister, celesteville, bright eyes, whip, and wio.

#43 - simon joyner : "here come the balloons" : sixteen unreleased gems from the 90s period of home-fi recording.
a real official release, and a beauty. folk punk at its best.

#42 - assult with insults : compilation : all experimental, and instrumental collection of unreleased tracks.
drones / feild recordings / sound collage / god knows what. kinda scary. tracks from king frog,
mattin, chrarlie mcalister, mammal, will simmons, thunder perfect, arnoux, das torpedoes, church of gravitron,
sistrum, james davis, a john henry memorial, the mikroknytes, decaer pinga, and smack music 7.

#41 - nutrition fun : "barring any future indescresions" : he does it agian, this time with collage junk, and
self hate. sour acoustic dirges and hisss. lovely, if your born under the right sign.

#40 - noggin : "listen not to vain works of empty tongue" : violin / guitar improv chaos from the great north west.
seven re-worked live sets from late 2001, with noggin charm. its like a brain full of train wrecks.

#39 - a john henry memorial : "love songs for the genuinely non excitable" : western blues and folk meanderings
from a kind and gentle singer-songwriter of epic proportions. heartfelt ballads and dirt-fi dirges, although the
meanings shine through.

#37 - edward gray : "put the clock back on the wall" : a new full length cassette from iowa's pirate radio hero.
this one delivers a TKO and in between the punches you get smoke filled folk songs stark, mysterious, and
fever inducing. a great collection.

#35 - gang wizard : "robert 11/98 and other hits" : 60 minutes of jazz / garage / noise improv from this
mysterious california trio. live sonic room recordings via guitars / keyboards and drums.

#34 - mcms : "angels" : the key word is calm here. matt silcock delivers 30 minutes of minimal skree noise
safeguard. add guitar and sax solos. much diffrent from previous mcms outings.

#33 - white shirts = stains : compilation : sixty minute compilation of singer-songwriter empty room types.
exclusive tracks from the likes of...nutrition fun, jarbaby, yak brigade, charlie mcalister, buzzsaw, frank peck,
mirah, bingo trappers, will simmons, fernando, chauchat, super xx man/metronome, whip, park, a boy named
thor, plundershop, mac dare, boyish charms, the maybellines, and dave dondero.

#31 - church of gravitron : "divorce tape" : 30 minutes of drone / noise electronics via game boy camera,
digital delays, junk guitar, broken blips and hiss. inspired by a real divorce.

#30 - giraffe : "stick your neck out" : strange rock outings from caleb fraid, somwhere around houston texas. doormat
house band and heathers blues rock. contains hits such as "getting lost in the sewer system"

#29 - caleb fraid : "new methods of coping with the modern world" : main man behind doormat tx plays
pretty for baby. nine new folk-esqu-ire songs and one guided by voices cover.

#28 - jarbaby : "ample time to fall" : raw emotion boombox-core at its finest, with bizzare instrumentals
and heartfelt guitar dirges. busted backs...

#27 - jozril dahl : "for sleepless childrens eyes" : young anthony (of the clapping hands) gives forth fiery
feedback and sound collage alongside a few dark wavering confessional songs. like a badger set loose on a
suburban home where the table is set just a bit to neatly.

#26 - ehrlichman : "sorry to hear your a goner" : whistful tin pan tunes about small town life and feeling
sorry for oneself. honest playing that is hard to come by these days.

#22 - jarbaby : "grave disaster" : loner kid doing the lo-fi thing, only so much more. chock full of
overdramatic love songs and morality dirges. first 80 come in handmade boxes.

#20 - nutrition fun : "cold storage" : late night acoustic ballads played by a high school drop-out, throwing
up on himself. an endless amount of makeout spew.

#19 - celesteville : "invisible tape" : nine songs from the former yak of yak brigade. blips, bleeps and
plenty of tape oversaturation. songs for tender hearts and the ghosts that come back to haunt them.

#17 - buzzsaw : "world ala mode" : a seven course meal riding with indigestion from one tape sprocket to
another. spoken word jazz with goodwill records and dish and fork sound f/x.
- LOST!!!

#16 - chauchat : "unhappiness" : tyler whitney delivers sixty minutes of sparse acoustic songs
backdroped with rosey noise and soft static. its all soaked in reverb giving it distinct moods and sounds.
will have you tossing and turning.

#12 - charlie mcalister : "turn of the century photograph of" : dusty home recordings from the south's king
of banjo spazz pop, storysongs, and solvents. recorded with an array of broken instruments, pots and pans,
ect. this is up there with one of his best. pure joy.