#200 - tid bits and gut blood : compilation : milestones dont turn themselves over. hear all your favorites
with brand new songs! or crawl into the pit. its your choice. no downloads!

#198 - jerk : "plack scabbards" : the plates divide and up comes lava and steam. your skin crisps up
and you wonder why you are here at this moment, and what the hell you are hearing. its jerk. includes digital download

#197 - c. mcalister : "ive got it good so listen to my sissy music" : 18 songs of rawk and boil
from south carolinas best art frag. he destroys pain and heartache and reels in the net to bust your prunes.
first edition in silkscreened covers. includes digital download

#196 - caleb fraid : "apple on the desk" : new bushel from fraid which encompasses some real deal ditty
and pop - with a bit of grit thrown in the machine. wonderment! first edition is silkscreend. includes digital download

#194 - GG : "the wrath of gg" : alien sounds from pittsburgh streets. broken splice and warp zone with acoustic mumblings and heartfelt
goo that is near audible. speak for yourself! includes digital download

#192 - c. worth : "duga" : eastern pa guitar mystery gives forth a set of decaying guitar and electronic
sketch that feeds your hunger like a grand disappearing act. includes digital download

#191 - joe kile : "one for you" : this is the third cassette releases from new orleans joe kile. 13 songs from a positive
poet on some sorta jugular journey. an eclipse. belive me. includes digital download

#189 - jason morphew : "easy come (songs of 2004)" : the splay of begotten haunt that is done up
rummy style on this tape is quite possibly: the life of morphew, et tu? the second volume of lost & forgotten song
from one of the best singer/songers out there. includes digital download

#186 - hip replacement : "router space : : smashed hits 100" : bbbbrrr - the sump pump locked up and now the
receptacle has blown up and over. all sorts of swill and spill manages to find its way into your gut. includes digital download

#185 - will simmons & the upholsterers : "bewitched" : eleven new tasty cakes from the upholsterers
to rock and pop and jangle up your magnetics and reverse polarity to sweep you away to your good place.
extensive liner notes from qualye smithers as well. includes digital download

#184 - razors : "live at the laboratory" : the steaks have been lifted and grilled up good, with proper
heat. true mid-west pop and circumstance unfurls all over your good overcoat and penny loafers. now you gotta
walk the lonesome gravel walk over and over. includes digital download

#183 - jason morphew : "nobody knows - live on WNYU, aug. 1st 1997" : immaculate live set from grand songster and poet.
first in possible collection of unboxed / unreleased material spanning many years. spare acoustic guitar and voice which
spun through space and air so long ago, captured and brought back to life again. includes digital download

#181 - gang wizard : "now departing critter country" : massive sound from californias spool rippers and free form chut gut rockerz.
spleen bursts, then sews itself back up. includes digital download

#180 - jerk : "cassus belli" : long running 4-track project from mysterious portlandier skews time and space
and brings you closer to whatever you might call home. includes digital download

#179 - more girls : "s/t" : off-shoot project recorded feverish from the debts main veins. three songs that walk
right in, sit down at the stool, make their presence known, get up, slap some cash down, leave - only to have forgotten
their caps. includes digital download ($2)

#178 - restaurnaut : "satans leg hairs" : idle legs are the devils plaything, so gear up for a brand new batch
of sing song from the ever prolific and whimsical horse music man! includes digital download

#177 - caleb fraid : "make hay at nite" : caleb hails from the texas woodlands, and makes you heart weep like it was yesterday.
its been a long time a coming for this new brew, and it dont disappoint. greased song and snare drum rumba. serious gift
to the listener. hot and ready. etc. includes digital download

#176 - john davis : "we'll teach them how to privatize" : davis delves into near hour long composition structured around a
single guitar riff and expands and detracts from it like a locust molting. includes digital download

#175 - plundershop : "lorain palace" : grand new sweeping epic from the mighty plunder - a 60 min romp, which begins
with a near 20 minute piece of churning hull and digital crackle of utmost beauty. the whole ebbs in and out
and captures perfectly why plundershop tapes should not stop spinning. includes digital download

#174 - george willard : "lost" : unsung, and living it. 80s / 90s tape vet gives forth a serious whhhallop - of
unreleased / unheralded / compilation numbers and such from the late 90s. it sparks up
your heart right now. dont you feel it? mom is going to hell!!! includes digital download

#173 - public coffin : 8 x cassette boxset : serious biz compilation that has
stretched a year or so in the making. 8 amazing E.P. cassingles that take new steaks. hollowed grounds,
helicopter rides, dirge, bombs, new ideas, old ideas, purely curated by UNREAD to open real hurley...
its an odd factory, yeah, sure...but if this dont hit the fan...includes digital download ($45)

#172 - wckr spgt : "stepehn plummer presents his favourite wckr spgt songs" : the worlds mega-spgt fan curates
a collection of 30 or so songs that span decades. culled from previously released full lengths, seven inches,
compilations, and dusty corners. includes digital download

#171 - furniture three : "ballad tsar (i am the)" : whaa? is this electronica? the new furniture huschle output / band
delves in deep and comes up with way more then an old boot. ballads. worked / re-worked. future. past. where am i?
this new cassette opens up to your best interests. includes digital download

#170 - noah sterba : "the 12 bar blues" : to put it nice, this burns. and in session even. feel the real depth. hold
onto your shoestrings and bite and bite some more. cause they gettin loose and goosed. includes digital dowload

#169 - mean spirit'd robots : "his armies is humming" : when the dust settles over the world, and the creatures crawl out, after
the aftermath, they might handwipe this off...and forever again know what was what with the major AND
the minor. includes digital download

#168 - nathaniel hoier : "s/t" : young nathaniel resides, from the sound of it, among the drifting dust and
debris of a dizzying off-key midwest world. a pleasing psychedelic oddity of tune and sputter drifting in and out
of magnetic haze. includes digital download

#167 - c. frank : "all the time in the world" : pittsburgh songster dumps his hard drive and we handpick a small slathering
of songs to compile this overview of serious pop hook, wistful wordplay, and sweet and sour melancholia. like shadowing your dad
at work for the day. includes digital download

#166 - staffers : "good message, poor english" : staffers conjure up the sorta black-and-blues riffage and druggy haze
you wanna stick straight into your socket. the sort of mid-west dilemma that feels locked in and buried, but with wool socks on.
first handfulls of copies come with 2 color gocco print. includes digital download

#165 - funeral house : compilation : all-star celebration live recordings from "junkfest #20" : a two
day festival of stand up performance / art / conversation / meat logs. compiles one song from each of
performers. really too good to boil down, though we had to try. co-released with FBR, who will likely put out
a second volume at some point. also contains "wall hanging"

#163 - discomboblulated ventiloquist : "2009" : DV has sputtered and splurtted onto wax and magnetics here
and there over many years, though maybe noone knows it?? DV hikes up his pant legs, and makes new electronic tap
dance music and quake riffer for your ear to hear. like a ski slope in summer. includes digital download

#162 - razors : "besides" : omahas "razors" grace your brain with new channels of fixed pop and sound-stuffs. like
injecting yourself with 550 ccs of pure sodium pentethol, but staying awake, and having your eyes bleed out real tears
that tear down your skin and rip away your cheek fat. includes digital download

#161 - swampwalk : "sweatin' out the small stuff" : pittsburger anna h. delivers her first tape of pure beauty - as a
native of the "steel city" these songs are washed over in a brown-red dust, but are stronger than all the highrises
of the world. spare and hollow electric guitar, simple low-tech electronics, and minimal accompaniment are the background
to her harrowing voice, which speaks in your mind, echoing truly poetic his/her life-lessons and wisdom. lyrical
nature is a compass and these songs grasp the tuning pegs of human life inside us all. includes digital download

#159 - the subtropics : "music for the midwest" : the grand call out from the decaying behemoth. it did grow, and grow
wings so wide, and flew so high it flew into the sun, and didnt care none.

#158 - wham-o : "confused over explosions and implosions" : this is the return of wham-o. the too long defunct solo
project of one mr. jeff fuccillo. through-out the years his guitar ruckus has caused possible exclamation,
and possible damnation. you be the judge on this brilliant (and somewhat whist-full) return to form. includes digital download.

#157 - plundershop : "slam dunk silhouette" : brantley fletchers plundershop alias, comes back into
form after years and years of writing, but not so much viewed output. the man has been churning away
on the cranks, but little has fallen into the eyes and ears of those who are listening. this tape drudges up song
from 2006-2008, and is a per-cursor to a new tape of plundershop exercise. go gaunt, and listen. some serious
singer spew falls forth and beckons for your hard trail.

#156 - laundromat : "god bless the laundromat and all who wash within it" : 20 year anniversary
release of perfect pop band, fronted by will simmons which was too too short lived. alas, we have
the salsa here, which collects all the real deal output of heft guitar and drum spectical, along with oboe
and air organ jummbaliiia. its not for your kittens kittens. its for your cats. first edition numbered out of 100, with
screened sleeves and large liner note presence. includes digital download.

#155 - wckr spgt : "top down" : cassette e.p. featuring four brand new spgt songs
and one from alice coppers 1980 album "flush the fashion" - sure to cut up your summer sweat with
a big guffaw of "hell yes" - first edition of 100 come in hand stamped / scribbled covers
with pro dubbed cassettes. includes digital download.

#154 - songs from a door : volume #2 : compilation : new batch of oddity scramble and must. all songs
recorded utilizing only voice and door(s) - creating compelling collection of thump, hitch, jabber jaw type
malarkey, as well as hoot song, audio cram detritus, etc. etc. garage doors / chicken coop doors /
van doors / oven doors / cassette deck doors / etc.

#153 - chauchat : "wreckage" : tyler whitneys long running and rummaging project has seen its fair
share of ebb and flow, but nothing will prepare you for this new collection of spare dimes, collage, hurtmurk,
lost echos, empty closets, sparse sound, drunken degenerate babble, old wisdom, locked doors, covered
cavern sounds, blown up air, mesmerizing trance indictments, etc. etc. completely mesmerizing.
the sounds of future oxygen and blood. includes digital download.

#152 - razors / nathan ma : "cat with boy destroyer" : two of omaha nebraskas finest current pop
groups go head to head in death match! razors is alec (the dad / hossflesh) and company, who bewilder
with perfect acoustic specter - backing "band" of half junk / half wondrous conspiracy flavor.
male / female trade off like a kiss in the wind.
nathan ma is (was?) one of the songwriters who contributed to the great "places we slept" output...for the time being,
them all being disbanded, nathan comes clean with a great collection of pure heartwarming and blissful
pop - aching from a time long gone, obvious comparisons can be tossed around...but nathan digs up
the dirt and makes it his own. one hell of a great song collection for the summer that never was. includes digital download.

#151 - eloine : "brillo hedge maze" : bryan days long lasting project of hand-made sculpture and music
machines, comes back into focus on a new unread cassette that brings forth a hearty heap of displacement.
crunch and dust rockets - odd tempered heat and mistaken plasma. sullen sounds of clink an puss
and pluss and huss. it really reminds me of being "tempered" - - like misfires on a dial. grand grand.

#150 - poisoned wine : 19 years of unread records : compilation : the soundtrack to a dying decay.
recorded live at the sweatshop galley, omaha, ne - for UNREAD JUNKFEST #19 -mixed and mastered from
reel to reel tapes and various mic set up around the gallery by c. mcalister and celie dailey. it feels as bad as a
slap on the wrist. and sounds just as pleasant as a nod from a gentle uncle. warped and overblow tape
and field recordings made that night (nov. 9th 2013) cuckold the glue as its mixed and mastered and juttered
into the abyss. a co-release with the great spew geyser - in unlimited editions for all prosperity to take hold
and hook to...was a pretty good time. see for yourself. - all proceeds go towards spew geyser video project.

#149 - john thill : "ghost grove" : lets start fresh, shall we? newest collection of spastic acoustic pop from
california's hottest thill ride. not even a year ago we saw "the greatest hits" lp collection (shrimper/folktale)
and now we reset the clock of years, and songs, awaiting the second volume of greatests...sure to
be include is this here tape. includes digital download.

#148 - david kenneth nance : "half assed for posterity" : third cassette releases (follow up to the
grand "actors diary" lp on grapefruit, and a precursor for upcoming unread vinyl!) this sucker wails, careens, and
bursts up like a car crash off of wet pavement. near perfection honest rock and junked up guitar damage
that at times sounds both unplugged and plugged in at the same damn time!? you wont be sorry for jumping
on this bandwagon. includes digital download.

#147 - gramble yards & giblette songs : compilation : 24 exclusive and reclusive songs spanning
many years, dug up from old and new demos / unreleased and aborted projects, etc. you get some cream
from some crops, ala : nutrition fun, the debts, razors, joe kile, david kenneth nance, l. eugene methe, gang wizard,
zach la grou, charlie mcalister, and many many more!

#146 - furniture huschle : "i am an industry" : solo outings from wckr spgt main man joel. the furniture huschle
name / machine has been going strong for years and years, releasing many a splendor
on various underground imprints. this here is a "new" collection for the "new" era...the children have a right...

#145 - spirit duplicator : "corridor forever" : home recording guru jake anderson has gone by many more names than
his own...playing in and around many various recording projects over the years, so many so - its hard to know
where to start...so you might as well start with THIS : spirit duplicator is his latest ongoing project, and it combines
all his charm for disorienting pop music, with a love of the worlds music, as well as possibly a love for music that
reaches far into deep deep space...includes digital download.

#144 - the debts : "blue summer" : dane left town. his love letters are scattered across magnetic
tape. and as much as it is a goodbye, its a welcome of insight. slowly morphing song and
speech, and ruckus that burrows underground and leaves you as empty as you already were.

#143 - zach la grou : "the catbird seat" : the underbelly of the midwest is heating up in such a
fashion, that the smoldering leakage of hot grease that sits so well on the tongue is billowing
all over the world. hear this now.

#142 - gang wizard : "purity conference" : long running experimentalist / deconstructionist group : gang wizard
gives archived recordings of hurt and hunk, that makes me piss shiver all over myself. long awaited - indeed.

#141 - will simmons & the upholsterers : "innuendo : the italian way" : newest batch of perfect
soft pop song, jump up numbers, swinging senses and glistening beauty from will simmons and his troupe.
pure guitar sketch, off-the-beaten path snap drumming, walking to the sunset bass riffraff and shallow trombone blurts.
the only thing that will keep you warm in the winter. this is the cassette version of unread #140 vinyl LP of same title.
first edition of 100 copies in screened covers with extensive liner notes. includes digital download.

#139 - the lazy wranglers : "the fantastic expedition of diddle & sass" : somewhat mysterious man around
the midwest, chip griffler tips his cap to some of the greats and packs his suitcase full of marbles, and
then rolls on home! you will listen.

#138 - speakerwire collins : "the boy said my names johnny" : iowa cities prolific songster gives a great tape
of odd tune via drum and bass. no not like that. ed takes vocal and bass duties, while brian boelman carries
the drums through some sort of 70s outside country type sing-song. its hard to pinpoint. ed always aims
to please, and its a very nice offshoot of his gut shot howl. it has bounce, but no glimmer. if you catch
what im throwin. includes digital download.

#137 - hossflesh : "evil takes many forms" : how many damn "supergroups" can form outta such a small city?
omaha births yet another one-off band that challenges you to do better. noah sterba (of the cocktails) and
vince & alec (of the dad) give forth a pretty perfect cassette of faux country tune and sloppy pop sensibilities
that marry in your canals. one of the best! first edition of 100 copies in stamped sleeves with digital download.

#136 - swingset : "recorded on four track" : swingset quite possibly may be the reason that this tiny fraction
of a record label even exists. when my mind was a mushy sponge, the older kids i hung out with clouded it with
hopeless dreams of stardom, or something of the ilk. this cassette features a "re-issue" of the very first
unread cassette, as well, select songs featured on other early unread releases, and all new found material.
lancaster PA hopefuls spill out gut and grime waste, captured over a few short years in the early 90s. includes long
liner notes from the end of the bar.

#135 - i am the lake of fire : "s/t" : davos hooker is an all around rambler, teacher & preacher. formerly recording
under the moniker of "a john henry memorial" he now sporadically performs, and records under various titles.
he visits unread HQ about once every 5 years or so, to catch up, drink, and record stark beauty via guitar and voice.
it is then slaughtered and re-worked and rewound a ton of times by the usual suspects. hear this new vision of doom
and gloom and hopeful times to come. first edition of 100 copies in screened sleeves with digital download.

#133 - chauchat : "trails" : smacked in the face brilliance from ever evolving group whos songs bust through grey
clouds and fog like knife through spoiled cabbage. this next step is a doozy, lets hope you land on your feet proper.
first edition of 100 in screened sleeves with lyrics sheet and digital download. on chrome cassettes.

#131 - the dad : "an evening with dads" : re-release of the instant in print / out of print 2011 cassette
originally distributed by slum goddess. perfect collection of blown out / blown up pop numbers that didnt make
it far out of omahas tractor-pull way back when. includes digital download

#130 - how did i get here? : compilation : long overdue rendezvous that is hitting home right now. mustered up
collection, which was originally to be a small plate, but became something bigger, which became something smallerr??
i dont know. includes "book" which was all destroyed and became large ass cassette insert collage. it is DEFPH worth
your while. so go for it! includes digital download kinda...

#128 - will simmons : "second lines and second halfs" : pittsburger popster / instrumentalist shells
out a full house collection of songs from the past couple years or so. 22 songs that run the gamut - some quirky,
some quick : blasts of guitar snap & lonesome goodness. first edition of 150 in multi-colored silkscreened
sleeves, with extensive liner notes and on chrome cassettes. includes digital download

#126 - rake kash : "old masters" : solid 30 minute collection of instrumental sentiments oozing out of the oxide
and into your veins. lonnie eugene methe fronts this combo which utilizes synths and organs in various stages of decay.
occasional guitars and sparse drums bubble to the surface, but overall its a relaxing flight. includes digital download

#125 - simon joyner : "a rag of colts : disgraced songs : 1987 - 2012" : culled from ancient markers dug deep on
hallowed grounds, comes a new collection of lost and found. stark dirge, forgotten song, remembered
song...careful thought view of old tape (and re-worked tape) spanning 1987
up to the real modern-like age. heart and heat. dismantled and blown. refrains from begotten
tunnels, etc. includes digital download

#124 - for who the trumpet blew : compilation : collection of 23 exclusive songs from all your flava flavs!
acoustic warble, party pop, spectacle, mush mind, etc. etc. from : simon joyner, places we slept, ramon speed,
joe kile, charlie mcalister, razors, ed gray, david kenneth nance, and plenty more!!!

#123 - the cheap smokes : "lifes a drag" : vintage recordings from them old prairies...its dark yet bright. cheap pop
love that leaves you sappy and wanting more. hooks and sinkers that dwell hard in the bloodstream.
like taffy before taffy was such a taffy thing.

#122 - david kenneth nance : "lush bruises suck rice and barley" : new cassette that tastes like the meat off your viens. its
chewey but with some grufff, and its absolutly delicious. overblown songs drenched in trench dust that wail loud and hard.
plump with dredge and heat. may or may not be the best thing ever. includes digital download

#121 - noah sterba : "racist love songs" : herky jerky love and hate songs that splatter all over your pages like old wine
you wanna lick up. sometimes its perfect pop, other times heartbroken dirge and purge...gives you the same kinda feeling
as a blind gal holdin your clamy hands.

#120 - charlie mcalister & singing sandbar : "blame it all on god / picnic at the dam" : spirituals to the be all end all. loose
splatter that means more then you will ever know. anthems and ballad-esque pieces that will tear the tears out of your eye.
charlie may be the only human that can make a mundane subjet like a motor, or a peroxcide ridden child sound so perfect.
dont know if those are really mundane or not. i question myself all the time. includes digital download

#119 - ramon speed : "godspeed" : long awaited boxset reissue of ramon speeds opus recordings. originally released
on sing, eunuchs! in 1995 or so...this collects the original double cassette, as well as a cassette of unreleased, and
collected material from the same era...covers, compilation songs, and indirect misses and hits. truly one of
the best tapes from the hayday of home recorded spectical. housed in oversized norelco box with large booklete
that contains scraps and writtings from years gone by. liners from simon joyner, c. fischer and ramon speed himself.
discovery...limited to 100 copies. includes digital download

#118 - razors / shit god : split cassette : razors hail as an off-shoot of sorts from the grand omaha
band "dads" - they capture a certin essence similar to that, but are a bit more herky - this sucker rolls out the red carpet
with 5 new tracks just as catchy as anything...with a more heartfelt ballad, and a glitched up song showing they are
not ALL flair...but bang bang. shit god is main man miles, who throws art out in the garbage can, and then
bangs on it a bit. one long track that glows with the light of a flickering tube of flourecent. you get sampled spew, blown to hell
garble, and pure beauty.

#117 - william wesley & the tiny sockets : "a hard row to hoe" : new (and old) sputter from wes and his trusty four track.
overblown goo that spreads like bad disease, but feels good on your ear holes. its kinda like licking
a battery or chewing on tin foil. or like how a pop tart tastes...

#116 - the debts : "on the banks of the big muddy" : the second outting of folkish strum, but much darker and
with more hurumph & anger. big loud blows your doors down! includes digital download

#115 - noah sterba and the cocktails : "chooglin with the cocktails" : loosy goosey slow jams and
ramp-upped ham-grams from every-man noah sterba. with loads of loads of greasy drip via the "cocktails" a
14-15-16 piece band of helping hand. the out-cum is like dash-dash-dash & splutter and flash. its
pop music stuck to a rib.

#113 - joe kile : "songs about the same old stories" : deep blues sets in with this grand collection of sparse
singer-songer chunks ala new orleans baker of steam and gut. purchase and whistle your hymns.

#112 - the happy jawbone family band : "on the wrong side of the candy machine" : first release from this mystical and grand
band of jerky spool and splice. guitar spins out of control and the melodies are just right! 40 some odd titles
and hits, a re-release of sorts from the faux-pas cd of the same title.

#111 - the debts : "fools" : dayne and kevin lived down the street. this collection blows the doors off most of what
else is being laid to tape. solo drum and guitar spectacle. super strum story song. get with it.

#110 - david kenneth nance : "lets argue" : brilliant recording and the first solo outing from one of them prairies.
i will give this tape the acclaim it deserves till the day i die...as, i was almost dead when this came together.
its the only reason this small label still is in exsistance. but its so much more than matrimony. its a heap of
garbage spilled straight onto the heart.

#109 - felicia atkinson : "les bois rouges" : the perfect grasp of art. folk melodies somehow surface in and out
of the dust of the abyss contained on these magnetics. always pleasing to the ear(s).

#108 - songs from a door : compilation : given the task to create songs, utilizing only a door for instrumentation
this grand group of performers exceeded with a collection strong enough to build a house around.

#106 - joe kile : "so many nights" : dusty and lonesome 4-track recordings of utmost importance. kile is a
singer-songwiter which hails from new orleans, and delivers the best folky bits and fragments to haunt
the soul like unburnt coal.