#239 - the lentils : "my pillow lava (complete trilogy)" : if you haven't been following you should be. the lentils
have released a couple albums with the moniker of "my pillow lava" - - this, collects the final volume of that, along with the two
previous variations. perfect pop thats like a smooth transaction at the hot dog stand. wonderfully adept songwriting that smears
the lines between various styles. in its heart its beating...and of course it carries you through.
edition of only 100 in 2xcassette albums with full color artwork. includes digital download ($20)

#238 - caleb fraid : "some gave none" : years in the making is a new proper fraid release, i mean, fear
not he has been on a 1,000 day recording streak and all, but this was purposed years ago. finally available, and maybe the long
wait was due to the fact that this master showed up with over 1,000 drawings, on napkins and notebook paper
all meant to be involved in the package somehow. well, unread did take them drawings and smather them into 5 large "posters" all
xeroxed on top of one another creating a big ol mess. so, hear it, and see it?
songs for frogs, kelly, and beebeard among others! screenprinted and packaged in double cassette box! includes digital download ($15)

#237 - jerk : "colors" : the third proper release from jerk, home taper extroversion, that has many multiple tapes
released through out the past 20 years or so...many of them lurking, i assume, behind parents sofas in wood paneled basements all over.
with this, jerk brings another collection of song and sound. collaged mish mash, that stays with you and gets hypnotic at points.
beautifully constructed! keep ears open! includes digital download

#236 - piano reeves & the 5000 watt compressed air band : "hole in yoga pants" : piano reeves is the one and
only (legendary?) charlie mcalister in his pseudo noise maker monkier. previous accomplishments have dealt with creating his own instruments,
and manipulating turntables, tapes, etc. on this, the final of what will ever be presented - mr. reeves and company haul up a giant air compressor
and manipulate various pieces of wood, steel, brass instruments, etc. hypnotic mush mash and pure harmony between the lines. includes digital download

#234 - reid : "carrie blast furnishings" : reid resides in pittsburgh, a semi-hidden singer-songer, who deserves
to be heard. stark songs that follow in the footsteps of heroes prior, everyone has em, very few can belt em out and make them true.
this release includes various handheld recordings dubbed freely overtop strange adult metaphysical drone, so that peaks in here and there.
yet, the song, and the structure, and poetry shines high. gravel voiced and perfect plunk. includes digital download

#233 - falling angles : "s/t" : GG and company make pop racket and hold your damn hand the whole way through it.
repetitive jangle, brain damage, short cuffs, etc. mystery hits lie beneath layers of noise and gut cuts. GG full band action
compendium that simply satisfies unknown cravings! includes digital download

#232 - mike piss : "you can just tell by the look on my face" : grand troubadour gives nice
collection of short odd sing-a-long songs and warped jambo - nature folds in around you and turns you to wood. includes digital download

#231 - c. worth : "spring suite" : short electric guitar improvisations and sketches recorded in remote
small cabin in the white mountains...at first thaw. beautiful and remote. includes digital download

#228 - kids of the atomic age : "bereavement" : 20 min or so E.P. of heartfelt meanderings for
guitar and keyboard. same old charm, turned up to 11. comes with illustrated chap book and notes. includes digital download

#227 - gus brown : "soda full scrap" : what to say? the main head honcho behind the great OJC tapes
presents a collection of bizarre semi-dance tunes. jangle riff, and summery keyboard clip brings to
life something that revolves in a world all its own. first edition of 100 copies in screened sleeves. includes digital download

#226 - jason morphew : "volume 4 : england tour 9/03" : continuing on with the massive archival
of one of the best singer/songers today comes a rare recording of various live shows across england.
complete with band, a nice opportunity presents itself to hear some songs in intimate form. programed cheapo
keyboard, pedal steel, etc. round out a nice collection. full length tape consist of only 8 or so songs
as these songs are lulled out, and complete with banter, etc. time warp! includes digital download

#223 - caleb fraid : "pickin thru the fuzz" : a collection of fraid hits culled from a few previously
released and hard to find cassettes...finds a new life in new era, and reminds folks to keep writing! includes digital download

#222 - screaming plastic : "no title" : massive new improv from omaha nebraska group : think
shake weights, drums, guitar jangle, its all plumped stuff! get mind melded on rcasket wave. includes digital download

#220 - gg and the sodman corporstion : "five sister summer revival" : gg destroies your mind with wit and intellect.
shoots and ladders! cats walk past him. includes digital download

#219 - joe kile : blinding rain & strong wind" spurt out of your gurt! all hail one of the best
singer-songers in your town. oldest town. picking and singing to keep it that way. includes digital download

#218 - the lentils : 11 new flavors of the oblivion and the shining ones don't want you to know about them" : release from vermont
troubadours, now relocated to LA and making something of themselves! good spillage, sloppy pop
that guts the gourd. includes digital download

#217 - das torpedoes : "zai nar" : captured sound collage and occasional strum via
beijing / hangzou, siem reap / mandalay & bagan - forever interesting study from one of the core unread members. includes digital download

#216 - i am not human : "self titled" : captured songs from adrian orange and hooker back in 1999 or so.
acoustic lonesome softness for the apocalypse. includes digital download

#214 - staffers : "torn between two loves" : second outing from
the staffers, it compels and regurgitates all your love for music. vote now! you wont be absurd. not to me at least. includes digital download

#213 - mark : "misfits and runts : demos for the shiny greedy, et al. 1990-1994" : mark, mark, mark - good
horsey main man, canadas champion of the sub-underground. ??? i for one missed the mark.
now, thank gosh, comes a new 60 min spleen call. acoustic garble retrieved from over them years.
you should be wary, and check it. includes digital download

#212 - restaurnaut : "and out of the darkness the wolves came whispering" : kerchows head hunk-o
delivers new batch of fragmented pop and folk. lost and wandering these songs seem to veer on and off
the cliff we call life. includes digital download.

#210 - sport of kings : "triumph e.p. (p+5)" : new full band effort from the one and only ramon speed
residing in milwaukee, and rocking it so as the lakes dry up. new song, new sound, louder, more available!
five songs (including two non-disposable covers) on the first side, with 5 bonus live songs on the flip! includes digital download.

#208 - church of gravitron : "mass for shut ins" : gravitrons 3rd release for unread, 10 years or so after the last..
there was a few here and there i think, on other labels (exploder?) but the church comes back home, and with a spectrum
of sound and song, that is more encompassing then your camper compass. feel the good deeds that envelope you. includes digital download

#209 - jason morphew : "easy go : (songs of 2004)" : the third volume in the series chronicling
lost songs from behind closet doors of the fabulous jason morphew. in this edition you get "more" songs
from 2004 (volume 2 also contributing to this intense writing period) - - dealing in loss, and acceptance, or lack there of. includes digital download.

#208 - church of gravitron : "mass for shut ins" : piles of years in the making but wait for it, its damn worth it!
two cassettes that stretch some of the damn best high art. it has to be high art, cause it took so long? it is. you will love it. includes digital download

#204 - swampwalk : "us vs. them" : this 2016 election can be put in the books if not for
anything realistic, but for the fact that two protesters have come out one after another. this one be
helmed by anna hale, pittsburghs best kept secret, as she plays plenty, but shys always. a strong voice of reason
that should not be overlooked. minimal electronic buzz and blip hides behind stark yet demanding lyrical elements
and huffy like guitar work. includes digital download.

#203 - noah sterba : "noah sterb's amerika" : fifth cassette from noah on unread? this time faux country
rocker / gypsy transient / garage poet / pop-ster extraordinaire belts forth a protest album just
as the time unfolds upon itself in this america...hear dizzying sci-fi type tune-age, sampled spew, riff rock
and the ilk. its important. includes digital download.

#202 - nathan ma : "lonesome heartland" : ma leaves the door open and the fazer on as he records
old broken acoustic pop ditty and spew - - friends walk in, meander a bit, sing a song or two, cans rattle, detritus
falls from the ceiling, the condenser mics close up, open up - give forth! honest and heartfelt lo-fi bedroom
song with no intentions or per-concieved notations. limited to a first edition of 100 with screened covers. includes digital download.

#201 - crock rot : compilation cassette(s) : massive 6 hour compilation of featured tracks from everyone on the roster
old and new, and some in between. culled as a surprise gift to me for 20 some years of releasing tapes.
its amazing. 3xcassette massive project, with 9 page foldout. screened covers, co-released with almost halloween
time, and flaming biscuit records. unread offering in an edition of 50 only. ($25)