#36 - park : "alligator!!" : cdep : some of parks finest. five simple bass driven pop songs with
tullycraft-esq vocals, and casio beats galore. this was originaly released on the mighty blackbean and placenta
tape club, but has now found a home in the small village of unread. limited to only 200.

#66 - ehrlichman : "winter wonderment": cdr :long lost demos from a cold winter in 2001. eleven songs
intended to be re-worked / re-recorded gets shelved untill now. although these songs are stark demo
recordings of guitar and voice, the honesty shines through. songs of lost love, and a new begining. truly
beautiful. limited to only 100 copies.

#68 - chauchat : "memory debt on my deathbed" : cdr : long forgotten songs from 1999-2001. these were culled
from old cassettes, that were at one time to be released on unread, but never were due to mastering qualms.
they have been retrieved and "cleaned" up, now aching to be released from the bowls of time. chauchat plays
somewhat off-killter pop song, backed with distant sound and texture. four tracked love of a similar vein. handmade
covers, limited to the usual 100. (cant) get it now. - SECOND EDITION RE-PRESS NOW AVAILABLE

#75 - kyle jacobson : "lonesome suburb kid blues" : cdr : reverting in years...this was
released as unread cassette #9 in 1998. originally a split cassette with some stranger who lost blood. likewise,
this blood-loss is perserved in un-reliable digital format for a few years. 18 songs of true (indie) pop excellence.
sure its masked cute and cuddly, but this is also striving and digging.
homerecorded blues and heartbreak, with the joys and exasperations of happiness / self discovery
nothingness. achieved cult status. should again. limited to 100. hand colored covers.