#270 - caleb fraid : "von wafer" : lathe cut seven inch : three "new" hit songs from texas mess fest garbage queen, fraid.
a long long time collaborator, and original unread records recording artist, we finally see a nice clean record
all his own, which showcases a few songs from his ever-growing collection of hits. this one throws the hammer
down, onto and into acoustic bliss / indie rawk territory and dont really let up. begs the listener
for a few more - - a score, of which i am sure can be settled, by a simple letter to the never changed
post office box. includes hand made sleeves, and 16 page book of collage and drawing. ($10)

#264 - naturaliste : "temporary presence" : lp : after a good 15 years of being defunct, this rambling configuration
of human comes together for a new "studio" recording. avant trappings and digital dust all hum and haw
together both collectively and separately, as multiple recordings are smashed together to form
a semi-cohesive whole. limited to only 100 copies, in screened sleeves and co-released with : public eyesore,
gertrude tapes & almost halloween time (italy) ($16)

#263 - opal mae wilson : "letters from lonesome dove" : single sided lathe cut seven inch : sub-sub label sweetcorn along
with mighty feeble records gives you 5 dusty songs, relayed the old way. opals scratchy guitar and organ recordings cut
lovingly into poly-carbonate disc (even though we attempted aluminum for that true true feel) showcase a portal into
a depressed midwestern river town. released in an edition of 40, with 20 page book. ($10)

#261 - bingo trappers : "giddy wishes" : lp : hot new spillage from the always grand band from amsterdam!
the always top notch bingo trappers do it again, and offer some musical aid, (two years
since the last LP and 25 years since the "more soul" cassette) 10 brand new songs
to ease your travels into the future. co-released in an edition of 330. ($18)

#252 - charlie mcalister : "fouls and faults" : lathe cut seven inch : the last of the "new" mcalister recordings to
ever see the light...these four songs blow the door off your shak and dance upon your frozen corpse.
politically charged rumble and pop speak up and give you the real raw deal. listen close! records cut by rah-rah in south carolina
using turtle wax and lighter fluid. packaged in reversible screened & recycled cover art, and limited to only 50 copies. ($10)

#250 - nutrition fun : "taras bulba / 16 poems" : lathe cut seven inch : packed full one sided disc
that contains six songs from a feverish year of nutrition fun recording. while most recordings
are just man with guitar and recorder, nutrition fun has embraced the band format in
his more recent recordings, to create some short poppy blasts that are much deeper than the grooves
run on this chunk of plastic. screened poem on flip side, limited to only 40 copies. ($10)

#243 - c. worth : "three sentimental scenes : lathe cut seven inch : sullen and breathing, these three guitar
sketches dream of meetings and greetings, and also farewells...all at dusk, and all employed
within a brief window of time. this is the window to strive for, just dont jump out of it.
cut on single sided poly-carbonate discs with a screened b-side in an edition of 40. includes digital download ($10)

#240 - bingo trappers : "elizabethan" : lp : the ever present, just behind the curtain, bingo trappers
release an outstanding new record of country-fried goodness, and pop spillage.
extremely limited USA version that comes with screened covers, and co-released
with the fine folks at grapefruit / morc & almost halloween time. ($14)

#230 - the bruces : "thieves in the wick (songs of simon joyner)" : lp : after 14 year songwriting
hiatus, veteran guitarist alex mcmanus defeats writers block by "covering" a group of songs from longtime friend simon
joyner. the result is not some replica or watered down versions from the song book
yet, instead these come out full bore, chock full of the bruces singular style of pop charm. vinyl-only
edition of 300 copies only, in multi-screened covers and co-released with : kerchow, grapefruit & jackson street books. ($14)

#229 - the bruces : "invisible ceiling / i make marks" : lathe cut seven inch : originally slated for release
way back in 2002 or so, this recording finally sees the light of the day and includes two bizarre tracks from
the bruces catalog. one is a reworked old(er) song which morphs under a cloud of haze, while
the other contains mysterious damage to the song cycle. limited to only 40 copies in
hand screened sleeves with a book of drawings / sketches. ($10)

#221 - ed gray : "alabi / ice" : lathe cut seven inch : latest offering from iowa cities
ed gray is a two song burn, complete with smoke. cryptic 4-track plunk perfect for winter ravaging
and bursting your pipes. 2 color screened sleeves with booklet of original art and self meditations. ($10)

#206 - nutrition fun : "you the man" : lathe cut ten inch : one of the labels oldest
unsung heroes returns to "vinyl" for the first time since a long out of print split seven inch from the
early early days. with this we see that nutrition fun still hasnt really gotten a grasp on recording technique, but
his lo-fi sound is still as fresh as it always has been. a batch of acoustic warble and voice with songs clocking
in around 40 seconds on average. includes screened covers / lyric sheet and piece of original art. ($20)

#205 - chauchat : "crime slides" : lathe cut seven inch : chauchat blooms up two new
songs to strech your limbo out a bit farther. hearty dose of acoustic ozone. in the realm of the senses. you will
get bent for sure! limited to only 40 copies in screened covers, with 16 page book of writing and photo. ($10)

#199 - ed rooney : "dark haired bitch / give up artist" : lathe cut seven inch : after a slew of serious
procrastination, ed rooney finally starts out to compile a collection from over 200 handheld and 4 track tapes
all pulled from rotting boxes. what turns out is culled from about 30-40 tapes, as rooney feel victim to serious
brain pulsars and muted synapse. ($10) includes digital download

#195 - das torpedoes : "the madness inspiration" : LP : das torpedoes brilliant forgotten works comes
to light again, my friends! re-issued vinyl of a cassette only release, originally on the animal disguise label, this is an important
slice of warrble drone via empty room score. das has a footprint in what unread as a whole has become, and dont forget it!
edition on 250 copies, co-released with GRETRUDE TAPES. pro printed covers even. ($14)

#193 - chadwick d. ferguson : "naturlich III" : seven inch lathe cut : one song, stertched
over two sides. a mystery mystical good'en that ebbs and flows through the valley. screened covers / 16 page book
of writtings. edition of 40 or so - ($10) includes digital download.

#188 - swampwalk : "warriors" : seven inch lathe cut : two songs that cream up your
coffee cakes for the morning ride. one bingo street stretcher and also one wholesome wonderment
that affixes your brain back to its membrane. limited to 40 copies with 16 page book of photos
and sparse word. ($10) includes digital download

#187 - the debts : "arbitrarium" : seven inch lathe cut : your huff muss must relax. big chopping dont get
you nowhere dammit! seize yourself, and take in 2 new songs on bit torrent rip. the debts always avail. does anyone
read descriptions? if you do you will note this sucker is limited to just 40 copies in 3 color
screened sleeves and includes 16 page book of random collage taken from mailings. ($10) includes digital download

#182 - rake kash / das torpedoes : "split e.p." : seven inch lathe cut : two persons from opposite ends of the globe, who once
threaded the same needle as members of the defunct (?) "naturalsite" outfit give 2 polar tracks each. DT offers re-worked
field recordings out of bejing, while RK gives two instrumental compositions of jazz-esq groove and turntable skip.
limited to 40 copies, with 16 page book of photos, collage and arts. co-released with gertrude tapes. ($10) includes digital download

#164 - joe kile : "old buddy / i want you to.." : seven inch lathe cut : joe cuts the deck and comes up with the
two of hearts. this platter crackles out your hi-fi and delivers one slow strummer and one slow sad march that
cracks the damn thing in half. alteast it comes fitted with a 16 page booklet of collage mess that will have
your eyes squinting and baffled. maybe. limited to 40 copies.($10) includes digital download

#160 - the debts / dennis callaci : "split" : lp : the west coast receives major downpour and sinks off into the mud
and bones. two heavy hitters share two sides and the coin lands on its edge as the sharks circle.
hand screened sleeves, in an edition of 300, co-released with shrimper. includes digital download.

#140 - will simmons & the upholsterers : "innuendo : the italian way" : lp : long play vinyl record of gut
stomp and short breaths from simmons and his group. high end spillage and beuatimus lead guitar riffage
that makes your malarky seem like old heart hash. snappy drum and trombone hurt to boot your old wings
into the new day. these songs sing to a distant dawn. co-released with almost halloween time records out of
italy, in an edition of 300 with screened covers. includes digital download.

#134 - charlie mcalister : "impressive cheese / yanni's horn" : seven inch lathe cut : single sided clear
square lathe cut that features 2 new mcalister songs. play "impressive cheese" at the party, while you stroll out
the american and swiss, and then wait as "yanni's horn" blows them all back to where they fucking came from. limited
to 45 copies and includes a book of mcalister arts & writing as well as screened covers, etc. co-released
with the grand spew geyser records. ($10)

#132 - the debts : "college girl (single)" : seven inch lathe cut : 2 songs packed on a single sided clear
square lathe cut, jiggered out and greased up good. one semi-sing-along, coupled with a banter collage that aches
for its own freedom. grand overblown prose and stiff. limited to only 35 copies, which also includes a book of trash sculpt
put together by yours truly from various scraps and garbage sent in correspondence. co-released with snack
records, omahas premire travelling vending machine record label. ($10)

#129 - the dad : seven inch : three blistering hot cuts to kick your mrs. around with. this is your NEW dad.
just divorced, re-married, kinda cool. some serious buisness plumpy popish punk spunk. lose the pants.
limited to 300 numbered copies. includes digital download

#114 - places we slept : "sad, stoned & horny" : one sided lp : omaha gooooorooo hard twee band of hooligans deliver
a batch of sweet and catchy song! oh the bliss and enrapture...it makes one unfold like a wilting flower. concrete hits, and acoustic
near misses fill up a platter of good ol song. its akin to taco bell at 4 am. or a stiff one just as you get off work.
even better. imited to 150 in multi-colored handmade screened sleeves.

#103 - chauchat : "songs for scaffolding" : lp : the eighth proper full-length in tyler whitneys catalog of consistantly
grand output. this collection, recorded as a duo (in an old candy factory)- rises up outstretched and notches
another bedpost with the beauty and haunted melody of previous acoustic pop sense, yet outsines with a
perfection of understanding...the higher the rubble the closer to god, and all the more un-passable.
limited to only 550 copies in 2-color silkscreened sleeves. co-released with monotone records.

#101 - spiritual rags : "s/t" : lp : the trio of simon joyner/lonnie methe & chris deden culminate and record
a spattering of concrete dirge and ballad that treads upon the razors edge...songs topple upon themselves
and shatter your weak vision of what appears to be "home" - graveyard blues, and hobbled hopes force thier
way into near psych territory, yet follow through and blurt thier way back into and out of your heart. limited to
300 copies in "recycled" silkscreened jackets. no two are alike. co-released with grotto records.

#97 - naturaliste : "i prefer the stairwell, to sleep, you see" : lathe cut seven inch : ever expansive group of
avant debacle / tight improv / whats-it poetics & name calling creates its first "studio" album, in which
none of the members inhabit the same studio. in fact the members do not even all inhabit the same continent.
hear what seven years (or more) of non-recording sounds like smashed onto small hand-cut platter.
limited to a first run of only 30 copies.

#91 - lonnie eugene methe : "hey jack + 6" : seven inch : long play, little record including seven sparse
ballads and haunts for the new bleak winter. time extinguishes itself and your limbs turn cold. limited to 300 copies.

#90 - the kids of the atomic age : "you wanna see a dead body?" : lathe cut seven inch : dig up your dead, and
find a new home to hide out in. the kid delivers you bullet from gun that has mis-fired leaving his hands burnt
and raw. three new hit songs that veer from the usual mode and leave big hole. makes you feel like taking retirement early.
limited to 50 numbered copies, in printed/screened sleeves, hand cut on lathe machine. ($10)

#89 - will simmons : "rain, tonight" : seven inch : hold your hands high above your head and slam them together as hard
and as fast as you can. this "new" slab from everyman simmons, features seven songs of black magic,
swahili disco, cheap beats, discarded digitalia, detuned strings, etc. etc. and blends it all with
grace and dignity. sometimes haunting, always beautiful. limited to only 100 copies in silkscreened
sleeves, with notes, and digital download.

#88 - ramon speed : "effulgence and alacrity" - e.p. : seven inch : after thirteen lucky years
ramon returns to grace your ear canals with four new songs of gutteral rock and poppy plunka-plunka.
he may not have pursued what peter prescott termed a "carrer in rock" - yet he burns through and dares you to listen.
limited to 300 in multi-colored silkscreened sleeves.

#82 - charlie mcalister : "carolina bi-product" : seven inch : four delicious cuts of new mcalister beachball
party goo, on small pink platter. get ready to dig a pit, and start off the square-dance contest by
throwing yourself out into the surf. bury up all the shellfish, and light a big fire. hot charred coal...
limited to 500 copies, and split between : tick tock, doormat tx, borrowdeer, and carl.

#73 - kyle jacobson : "i can make new friends with you" : lp : wounded disjointed pop songs from beyond the
grave. unearthed bounty of, litterly, over 100 unreleased songs, mixed and cut down to 20 for the final LP.
honesty and brutal truths never felt so good, and they were never this hard to shake either. limited to 500
in handmade covers. co-release with tired and shit.

#70 - chauchat : "the cough of a crane" : lp : dirge and dust. a broken family of recordings finds
solitude among the dirt and debris. similar charm, but this is recorded a bit feaverishly upon old decaying equiptment.
static and song hits. un-easy comparisions can be eluded. more like a spent bottle of whiskey falling off
the shelf due to light, and its wieght-less-ness. limited to 300 copies in sprayed/glued constructed covers. co-released
with grotto records.

#69 - ed gray : "fresh coat on the powder keg" : seven inch : newest outing of shotgun gut howls to empty rooms.
over 15 minutes (8 songs) packed onto somewhat forgotten format. limited to only 300 in hand screened covers.
co-release with eds own sober cannibal label.

#62 - charlie mcalister : "creosote" : lp : twelve new offerings of broken dementia and pop musick. truly genius
inovator of psyco-dixie, a style all his own. the sound of tar filled instruments washed ashore...playing
to a bunch of wealthy bitches. a co-release with charlies own tar owl/flannel banjo label, limited to 300 in silkscreened(?)
constructed sleeves. also available is the companion book "voyage of the carnival scallop" 40 or so pages. "book no longer available"

#50 - charlie mcalister : "clawin with our jowls" : lathe cut/cassette/video/book : truly odd folk
arts, ramblings, found sound, and spoken words. the whole thing is based around plays written over the past
decade by mr. mcalister himself. contains an 8 inch square lathe cut record of skipping turntables playing
meat, asbestoes, sandpaper, etc. warped into strange southern dixieland. the video contains footage of
select plays acted out, and of mcalister wandering around charelston. all is enclosed in beautiful
silkscreened booklets and wrapped up in twine. limited to only 30 here at unread, and 20 are available
via tar owl.

#48 - simon joyner : "iffy" : lp : a batch of simons first songs (1988-1993) in a hodgepoge collection that is
un-mistakingly brilliant. true to life poetic folk-punk-dirge. originally released as a SING, EUNUCHS! cassette, now its
pressed from the original masters. although still to be slapped lo-fi, its a better recording then the so-and-so
generation cassette you may or may not still possess. limited to only 300 copies in handmade sleeves.

#32 - park / a boy named thor : "six new ways to hold your girl while dancing" : split seven inch : three
songs each about dancing and being addicted to pathos. park consoles while thor throws down some hot licks.
casio beats! crooners! swirling pop songs! limited to 500 in handmade watercolor covers.

#21 - will simmons : "him with his head in his hands" : seven inch : a slightly diffrent path from his
instrumental outings these six songs showcase that wills ability to sing and strum is not altogether lost. this
tape label vetern puts these stark folk/pop songs onto wax. limited to only 500 in hand stamped / offset

#18 - nutrition fun / em divitry : "what is little" : split seven inch : two songs each from these two
singer-songwriters. hushed and acoustic. quiet and sincere. who said punk was dead? limited to only 200 in
handmade covers. oh the fruits of our labor.

#13 - commercial food processor : compilation : lp : long play compilation featuring exclusive tracks from the likes
of...will simmons, bright eyes, november of 1959, discombobulated ventriloquist, jim manigrassi, george willard,
caleb fraid, mike musser, swingset, kids of the atomic age, erik sahd, chris clunk, the dark townhouse band,
charlie mcalister, kyle jacobson, and ed rooney. limited to only 300 in silkscreened cookie sheets.