assult with insults

an aural spectical of all experimental / exclusive musics. drone / sound collage / field recordings / harsh braining. not your run-of-the-mill recordings from your run-of-the-mill home tapers. worlds collide, and it not only burns the skin, but keeps you guessing.

king frog - "fire engine park"
mattin - "computer feedback"
church of gravitron -
sistrum -
a draining tub vs a game of yahtzee
will simmons - "ecstacy of gold"
charlie mcalister - "gurgling frog conveyor / they are the reason she is gone"
mammal - "body beats / transemold"
the thunder perfect -
honeymuzzle - "oven"
arnoux -
decaer pinga - "live excerpts from pink toes"
smack music 7 - "ladies fingers"
james davis - "naturaliste remix"
nutrition fun - "comic book kid"
the mikroknytes - "live from dcac"
a john henry memorial - "more bored"
das torpedoes -


interesting lo-fi cassette sampler that includes impressives works from mammal (noiser and more chaotic that what i had heard before- i liked that), naturaliste remixed by james davis, arnoux (freeform noise string abuse) + more. interesting mix of strange noisy pieces, such as "a draining tub vs. a game of yahtzee" (which is exactly what the title says) by sistrum and some more conventional instrumentals. charlie mcalister's "gurgling frog conveyor" was a grabber, also hunneymuzzle's "oven". also includes decaer pinga (prick dacay?), will simmons, king frog, mattin, church of gravitron, the thunder perfect, smack music 7, nutrition fun, the mikroknytes, a john henry memorial and das torpedoes. the cassette underground lives & thrives yet in the age of the cdr. - white rose network

* * *

Slowly but surely Unread Records climbs the list of my favourite record labels of all time. With admirably DIY production values, tons of musical variety, and a zest for scoping out pure talent, the little tape and vinyl label has really floated to the top of the musical food chain.
Assult With Insults (and, yes, it is spelt "assult") is a collection of experimental, drone, audio collage, and field recording music by a group of unusual hometapers from across the States. Fantastic material is included by a number of bands, including a creepy sound effect piece by King Frog, noisy material by Church of Gravitron and Mammal, as well as a few minutes of pure gut-wrenching horror courtesy of Smack Music 7. Will Simmons' talented instrumental is also a nice inclusion, in all its tuneful glory.
All in all, this is a fantastic compilation that will appeal to fans of challenging, DIY music as well as noise listeners looking for something that isn't composed of pure abrasion all the way through. And bonus marks are given for the fantastic homemade cover design. Recommended. - indieville

* * *

This one just feels good to me. It's a cassette, and I love cassettes more than ever. Then there's the black & white xeroxed look to the thing, with fucked-up artwork -- that's the way DIY cassettes are supposed to look. Then there's the misspelling in the title -- very promising. Hell, the lineup is good too. With the cassette format sometimes it's kind of hard to tell when one track switches to the next. (See my "review" last ish of the great but impossible-to-keep-track-of-when-one-track-switches-to-the-next double-C60 comp Sounds For Collector Scum on the Seagull Tapes label, which, like Unread, is from Omaha.) But here, I'll try to run it down: King Frog = suburban gamelan. Baby crying, which makes me think it might be my baby for a second. But it isn't. Mattin = field recording of a vacuum cleaner? Heavy and short. Sistrum = the apparently non-metaphorically titled "Yahtzee vs. Tub Draining." Will Simmons = 'oriental' guitar. Charlie McAlister = lo-fi violin drone. Mammal = short, noisy, not as beat-oriented as a lot of Mammal stuff, but beats are in there. The Thunder Perfect = mellow naked wasted 'pretty' guitar. Sort of like a lower-key and a slightly less evil version of Pengo's "Ill-Fitting Tourniquet." Honeymuzzle = noise, good. Title: "oven." Perfect. Arnoux = excellent crunchy guitar sounds. Short. Made me think of Don Miller's Little Treatise On Morals. Remember that album? Classic, especially the cassette edition. Decaer Pinga = never quite know what to expect from these guys. Very large room-drone. Sort of like Birchville Cat Motel material that uses "vacuums." Smack Music 7 = Ms. Pinga (there's a picture of her on page 3) treats her shriek/screams. I like it better than Diamanda, definitely. Draw a straight line back to Yoko, but in Ms. Pinga's case the execution is every bit as good as the theory. James Davis = "Naturaliste Remix." More fine crunch and tape-tweak. I think he's remixing that "toy music" track from A Clamor Half-Heard. Okay here's where I kind of lose the play-by-play: for all I know I've heard both Nutrition Fun and The Mikroknytes and both have done more excellent short noise crunch pieces. Maybe we're already into A John Henry Memorial and their track "more bored." These three kind of run together for me, but I do know that the tape closes out with Das Torpedoes, doing a long-ass, super-stretched, ultra-slow hum that you have to turn up the stereo to really hear, and when you do, it's beautiful. I'd love a 74-minute version of this track on compact disc. - blastitude