buzzsaw / charlie mcalister - "no talent boom-boom"

man, nature and conduct. two seperate performances from these madmen. buzzsaw transmits his unique brand of whats-it, unclassifiable, word-jazz-jabber live on air at KUCI, irvine, CA. hear as he wrestles with tongue the very tape being played. a stand-up performance full of looping odd records, sound fx and classic buzzy splatter. on the flip side, mcalister delivers a live set recorded from the stage of austins anti-music festival in 2001. what is captured is - well - not really a set of music (nor performance?) at all. even though it was dubbed "mess-fest" and may very well have been described as a "failure" - the true nature of anti music must be heralded. threats, cooking with electric stove, name calling, punches thrown.