chauchat - "unhappiness"

rosey noise and tyler whitneys highly listenable vocals backdrop this fine pop masterpiece. ambient sound and well crafted song. tom cruise and novocain.

"let the room destory itself part one"
"let the room destroy itself part two"
"pining part one"
"pining part two"
"pining part three"
"pining part four"

"the monotony of jesus christ"
"through the open eyes of observation"
"one moment after passion"
"mother take me here to die"
"burning a new leaf"
"letters in black ink"


I suppose one of the nicest compliments you can bestow upon an artist who takes a decidedly lo-fi approach is that utilizing such recording tactics only confines and smothers them, and ultimately doesn't do their work justice. Chauchat (real name: Tyler Whitney) sings and plays guitar with fastened confidence and refined vigor, which is just a really un-clever way of writing that he's practiced a lot and is quite good.
Most of the songs on Unhappiness feature Whitney spinning plaintive acoustic guitar lines over modest drum parts. His lyrics are largely reflective, but when the words are sung, he makes that reflectiveness sound either snotty or sorrowful. From "One Moment after Passion: "She comes home so late at night / We don't have the time to fight now." Or from "Letters in Black Ink": "Take my pain and put it on a plate in front of me." It conjures up the best moments from the Sarah Records catalogue: Artists reminding us that tragedies can arrive just as quickly as they depart and in between all the sad laments, you can have some happiness. -PICK THE CATS EYES OUT