chauchat - "memory debt on my deathbed"

a spastic collection of heartwarming acoustic beauty, and harsh drones/collage. this batch of song was culled from previously unreleased cassettes (1999-2002) to insure that it is the final resting place before some new begining. chauchat continues to tred new here, hear, some of the firsts. limited to only 100 in spraypainted/stamped sleeves.


Chauchat is a band from Lancaster, PA. That's pretty much it. In Lancaster you just stand in line and they give you some sheet music and lyrics while you wait to buy cigarettes and iced tea. Some of my buddies used to take ruffies and project spirit visions from the roof though. Real rebels... tried to write their own stuff... reanimated statues of soldiers in the town square. A bunch of us lived down by the dump, but Target bought up all that land and we had to move under the legs of a plastic horse attached to an Amish wagon in front of Turkey's Hill. That's where Tong wrote "Something in the Way"... again. Then there was the spring of '99 when we all learned to read. That was a big influence on our music. Tyler looked through a bunch of books and just started ripping stuff off. The band name came from that experience. We played some shows at the Lizard Lounge and recorded a few songs on the biggest computer I had ever seen. Let's admit it though... things never got off the ground. As we say back home: "You can eat all the garbage in the world, but that doesn't mean you're going to live forever." If there's one thing I learned from this crazy trip it's that you gotta just ride the wave even if every sensation in your body tells you there isn't a wave beneath your board. Music is just talking to yourself... listening for the echo of your own voice that got swallowed up by the vampire bats hanging from the ceiling. They'll spit it up one day... and that, my friend, is what I call a podcast. - tyler?? - i say its all better then know em. - christopher