church of gravitron - "female advances in aviation"

second proper release of un-easy-ness. rumble and drone for guitar, organ, and video games. static washes build and collapse with buried melody. tape is seperated into three untitled pieces.


Church of Gravitron is apparently just one guy making soundscapes on his 4-track. There are a lot of projects like this around the world these days, but most of them aren't great. Church of Gravitron, thankfully, is one of the exceptions. Three unamed tracks grace this cassette. The first side is a long, warbling drone of distorted guitar that sounds like it was mixed backwards. Despite its harsh appearance, there is something soothing about this piece. My favorite part is when it degenerates into a bass gurgle. It's like being dragged through some small, undergound tunnel and getting a face full of wet soil. Excellent stuff! Side two starts in a similar fashion, though its more straightforward. With minimal effort, Church of Gravitron creates thick walls of sound; they're like thick sheets of metal blocking your path. Again, though, he makes it accessible. Listening to this, I just feel surrounded by this warm blanket of distortion. It's lovely. The final piece here is keyboard based and is complete change of pace from the rest of this tape. It still has a droning aspect, but there's also this minimalistic electronic vibe going on that reminds me a lot of early Vote Robot recordings. It's an excellent way to end this all-too-short release. I'm impressed and definitely want to hear more from this Omaha act. Another great release on the Unread label. - foxy digitalis