noah sterba and the cocktails - "chooglin with the cocktails"

akin and alike all your mediocre superbowl parites - failing *one another into one other* - and becoming much more then anything that you could imagine (definitally not thennnn). like an old love contacting you for four periods, and not is a total putty of good ol pop putt putt. good ol drip. good ol sclupting. belive me.

"dr. carl sagan blues (ode to a dog)"
"she walked away"
"a dream on august 14th 2010"
"communist radio (cover by the eat)"
"everything's a lot prettier in the sun"

"the riot"
"feathered mush (a little "please do not go" and maybe a bit of "wildthing")"
"just like tom thumb's 115th dream"
"insomnia - parts one and two"


Chooglin' with the Cocktails is one of the most fun tapes I've had the pleasure of reviewing. Like the Holy Modal Rounders jamming with Brian Jonestown Massacre, Noah Sterba and crew are flying high. Some drunk hit record on the machine and failed to tell the band. This is whacked out freak music. Jams begat songs and vise-verse with allusions to Bob Dylan as an added bonus. The electric guitars are garage...the acoustic guitars are comfortably quaint. Unread Records is a great label and, dear readers, that is no joke. - CASSETTE GODS