charlie mcalister - "creosote"
[one sided lp]

following on the heels of charlies last slab of vinyl "death water estates" (catsup plate) which collected previously released material from various mid-90's cassettes, comes a new offering of anti-suburban bog tunes for banjo, guitar, violin, air organ, buckets and cans. twelve songs rattled out in true pysch-dixie fashion and sprayed with grease. "creosote" brings forth a return to the song, played from instruments handmade or long decayed. a definite clincher.

"lockjaw and owls"
"total maroon"
"sand me down"
"fiberglass and lifejackets"
"reefer and bread"
"i am no longer an inlet"
"i feel like wax"
"not frozen"
"the sick girl"
"diagram of some time"