the debts - "on the banks of the big muddy"

the debts consist of dane sybrant and kevin shaw. two omaha (or ex-omaha) patriots. sudden strum, and old drum beat banked off (and on) old tolls and old missives. hurkey jerkey meat and blast of honesty. this is the second outting from them folks, and they do do it right up and center. beguiling yall with a force of something darker then the what you used to. death and redemption songs not struck out in the usual way of simplicity, much more from beneath the earth. you almost have to check your nails after you awake...see if the dream was real or fake.

"heard this"
"simon says you suck"
"miss you"

"winter wears me out"
"siren song"
"muddy waters"


Folky Nebraska low fidelity duo The Debts have a helluva quality tape here. Titled On the Banks of the Big Muddy the album is The Debts (Dane Sybrant and Kevin Shaw) ripping through originals on a dusty and chipped 4-track. These are sturdy songs though, not the kind of fragile Daniel Johnston style, but more like Lomax went traveling 'round Omaha the past spring and found two guys singing and playing just for the thrill. They happened to record their music. The artifact exists. Find these midwest musings and pop them into ye old boombox. - CASSETTE GODS