DIAMONDHEAD - "fickle woman"

hailing from austin, TX - diamondhead throw together blasts of junkyard debris and bits of fake rock to create something of a collapsing take on the power anthem. l.e. methe & r.j. reynolds veer off of the improv path just a bit to deliver these short, loose, run-ins of overheated amp and fried up guitar buzz crumbles. wah-wah is present, along with hot breath, delivered sporadically to let their presence be known. previous releases on white tapes, digitalis, and eh? records.

"fickle woman"
"hold me upright" (inst.)
"south first and nowhere"
"unread theme"
"no recorder"
"black socks"
"isnt it ironic"

"hold me upright" (vocal)
"fickle wahman"
"south philly style"
"house of love"
"toys in the attic"