ed gray - "fresh coat on the powder keg"
[seven inch]

over sixteen minutes of killtered songwritting, via howls and nylon strings. recorded in omaha 2005 and finally released 2006, these are some of grays finest to date. three real shreikers, and three moaners, one extended version, and one quick snipper. you will not be dissapointed. limited to 300 in hand screened sleeves, and co-relesed with sober cannibal.


Ed Gray's got the powder keg prepared, and he's ready to set it ablaze. That is, through his blistering country-rock songs – sort of like a rougher Silver Jews – he's on the attack against his enemies. His voice wails and spits with hurt and rage. On the first song, "Surving You Never," he's setting forth the tone: "hello you dumb motherfuckers…" Later, in a completely pleasant, peaceful tone he sings, "You are a hurricane / and you'll be the death of me." Yet it's not all anger poetry from a singer and his guitar alone, though the mood is always dark; Gray's songs get sonic depth from Tiffany Kowalski on violin and Jonathan Crawford on forceful drums, kitchen-sink percussion, and organ. The violin doesn't so much soothe his pain as make it prettier to listen to, rounding out the package. – dave heaton

* * *

The last seven inch I want to talk about that I received from christopher at unread was this Ed Grey 7". This immediately reminded me of a Hayden or Vic chestnut. The slow deliberate songs, the sparce minimal acoustic guitar. Ed Grey is purposely singing about the hard side of life, he's not going to paint you a pretty picture. The vocals are straining to get you to understand. It doesn't sound like you ever will. If I was drinking right now I think I'd have to be in the mood. Kind of like Tom Waits, I consider myself a fan, I know that he's a genius, but it can be like work, or a haircut. I know I have to go get it done, but sometimes I don't want to. I'll wait until the last minute, or skip my vitamins. But this is classic stuff, a couple of good friends with their heart in it. I can appreciate that.
This is coming from that southern or northern place I don't have any experience of. The geography of places passed through. There is a maturity to these tracks....It's a mysterious country ed grey is coming from. - jason - seven inches