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unreads second attempt at the vinyl was this compilation originally compiled in 1997/1998 and finally released after a year or so of complications with the pressing plant. it sold out pretty rapidly due to an unreleased bright eyes track. these were grand times, alot of winter feelings on this one. limited to 300 copies in hand screened cookie sheet covers, with logo photocopy attached to the back.

"i cant say it enough times to make it rhyme" - will simmons
"pioneers park (august 17th 1997)" - bright eyes
"strawberry sweater" - november of 1959
"the bedside of his child lover" - discombobulated ventriloquist
"devoted" - jim managrassi
"hes not a billionaire (anymore)" - george willard
"song #33 (my sweetheart keeps me going)" - caleb fraid
"art bell" - mike musser
"- - - - -" - swingset
"the guy"
"summerday castaway" - kids of the atomic age
"frank positriano" - erik sahd
"moonshine" - the dark townhouse band
"hairloss song" - chris clunk
"the story of sweet susie #5" - charlie mcalister
"(1999) were all going to die" - kyle jacobson
"my brains" - ed rooney