ramon speed - "godspeed" - box set

ramons magna-opus is reissued some twenty years later...orginally released by the fantastic sing, eunuchs! label, this project has been long and strong in the making. re-mastered from the original four track tapes, so this is as close to perfection as one can fly. the original double cassette is captured in true form : spastic torched songs veering in flux from simple acoustic meanderings to full on speed...the sound of youth pounding on the walls of life itself. the redux box set comes with an added bonus cassette capturing compilation songs, covers, and other rarities from the era. the perfect addendum to a fine fine piece of musical history! all three tapes are housed in oversized norelco box with a booklete of ancient visuals and writtings from : simon joyner, christopher fischer, and george peek. limited to 100 copies, each handstamped in nonlegable garb! includes digital download

"before lent"

"after lent"

"rare songs from 1995-1996"