nutrition fun / grape soda - "you are ready to pour the first beer"

anti-folk ballads, and seemingly pop minded sensabilities teams up two omaha singer-songwriters of new age. nutrition fun yet again delivers hidden treasure via time capsule buried under ten tons of rock and soot. grape soda hands out the life vest, and saves the day with a few hits all his own.

"dying w/ myself"
"baracuss isnt human"
"feeling selfish pit tombs"
"feral loser"
"beating a grapefruit"
"another in a line of current absences"
"without fingers"
"a hold of non grip"
"loose felt meat"
"meat life"
"wrangler boy"

"plebian lullabi"
"franky baby"
"death by arithmatic"
"dream of frion"
"hello kitty"