this is a horse

collection of unreleased and alternate versions of songs originally ment to deal with variations on "country" music, but definitaly no limited to...that...

naturaliste - "concretes" (excerpt)
nutrition fun - "falling from heaven"
charlie mcalister - "blossoms blume/blossoms fall"
a john henry memorial - "equus"
chauchat - "my morals"
swingset - "nothings" (excerpt)
rachel lipson - "building a mountain"
love letter band - "my brave friend"
the stoves - "lazy"
mike allison/chris fischer - "ive had my fun"
ed rooney - "lost myself blues"
ed gray - "how it starts"
will simmons - "cowboy song"
caleb fraid - "black eyed blues"
kitty litter on wednesday morning - "effiel towers and golden showers"
outlaw con bandana - "slow swift boat"
kids of the atomic age - "horse"
pearl & joeseph - "ireland song"
tiffany kowalsky - "300 sec. meditation"