jozril dahl - "for sleepless childrens eyes"

young anthony (aka the clapping hands) puts forth fiery feedback, and sound collage. mixed in is the occasional confessional, like a pack of wild badgers attacking a suburban dinner table that is set a bit too neatly. someplace between jandek, and bright eyes.

"symphonys shadow"
"i cant hit the notes right now"
"dear baby"
"song i wrote just today"

"imagine a chrome ballon for all its worth"
"cardigan sweater"
"rain clouds"


Coyly entitled For Sleepless Children's Eyes, this cacophonous cassette release is just that: a grinding, warbling lo-fi recording that'll keep you staring at the ceiling at night instead of drifting off into dreamville. Dahl stumbles through semi-coherent lyrics with trebly guitar and looming background feedback that's anything but comforting. He prefers to mask his surreal lyrics with ear-piercing screeches and floods of white noise, suggesting Daniel Johnston backed by the Boredoms. Brutal honesty is revealed on "I Can't Hit the Notes Right" (he's got that one right!) and shaky musical ground is explored on "Song I Wrote Just Today", leaving Dahl unpolished and remarkably accessible despite having terrorized your aural senses. After it's all been said and heard, you'll either be relieved that the cassette player has clicked off or be delightfully intrigued and ready to give the tape another whirl. - splendid