the kids of the atomic age - "finale"

final (? - there are plans of a new tape) recordings from the kid/kids. hashed out over a few days in the livingroom of sleepy suburbia, these 11 new songs of acoustic jangle, and early afternoon croon bring about late night beer fights, and broken up speech. includes a cover song, folky bits, and some real dementia.

"falling down on broken glass - stick up at gun point - go to hell"
"sympathy for my friends"
"if you get drunk - punch your face"
"overdose cure"
"beating leave me bloody"
"dance like a man, man"
"so far apart" - CUB

"face rotten"
"gone heart - see ya!"
"notebooks and stars??"
"false wake up"


I've often ruminated personally about the arbitrariness of popularity. Was Bob Dylan really that much more talented than, say, Phil Ochs? Was Pink Floyd honestly that much more interesting than Eloy? My general feeling about questions like these is that the answer is often probably not, but you would never guess by peeping a record sales chart or their pages. On this tape, Unread Records houseband The Kids of the Atomic Age force the issue in a big way. Its as catchy and charming as almost literally anything else you might be able to find out there and a good degree more sonically interesting than most of it to boot. Dunking all their songs in a pool of late-summer suburban haze and glazing them with a perfect sense of lyrical irreverence, KotAA take acoustic guitar pop to new, nostalgic heights. Once you add the humble warbling of songwriter Bryon Allison and the occasional intrusion of a type of avant-garde aesthetic that takes the form of bizarre backward-playing recordings and sampled spoken word interludes, you've got what should have been the next big thing years ago. Let's hope to God this isn't the real finale. - gabriel keehn (tiny mix tapes)