samuel locke-ward - "boombox by bedside"

sam is one of the songwriters from iowa cities rock outfit - MIRACLES OF GOD - but here he gives forth 15 songs solo, from a period of time, when he was bedridden and in the hospital after a serious injury. this didnt stop him from writting songs nor singing and screaming into a small boombox recorder. a more reflective and thoughtful batch for acoustic guitar / chord organ / kleenex box. obvious comparison to say : early danny johnston - but more due to the recording techniques, the cut and paste, and use of the chord organ. most songs hit the mark as skewed warbly driges, in his own form. with the rest coming out as strained mid-west gut punk.

"ashes" - screamin jay hawkins
"robot boy"
"i still love somebody"
"five a.m. blood"
"unworthy soul"
"holy shit"
"what does god know?"
"bad bad man"
"under the lord"
"no results"
"dont think poorly of me"


I spent a lot of time listening to this tape trying to figure it out, which is perfectly all right. It is after all a pleasant ride. True, but it makes you feel like you haven’t slept in days and you’re seeing little minute hallucinations out in your peripheral vision. From the first track on this record latches onto a weird amateur auteur sort of sensibility. He starts with a Screamin’ Jay Hawkins cover that has schizophrenic background vocals that curtly yell “shut up” between bars of the belted chorus. What really makes this tape great and mysterious is the slide between slow paced boombox languor and serious up tempo pop and pomp. The line of the intimate and the public is crossed repeatedly. The finest example of this is the weird slow falsetto of “heaven,” which is endearingly awkward, but segues into “holy shit” which sounds pro and pop by comparison, with a driving drone from the chord organ and an absolutely viral chorus. That would be enough to make it a particularly interesting release, but then there are all the overt and vague religious overtones that abound on the record. Locke-Ward speaks to God, talks about those we’ll be seeing in heaven and places these ideas next to something utterly absurd (something about eating eggs) and obscures it all in boombox fidelity. Another good one from the dubbing decks of Unread Records. - CASSETTE GODS