david kenneth nance - "lush bruises suck rice and barley" - cassette

david kenneth nance gives forth the sophmore effort and knocks it out of the park! soon to be relocated into the wilderness - david throws up 8 songs of rocked out pop hits. feel the blisters start to grow, and pray to mommy and daddy. its near falling apart but never does...its on the lip of the deepest trench. completly his own...includes digital download

"two ruined people"
"bound to complain"
"lights stay on"

"laylas last night"
"chinese firecracker"
"song for anna dewey greer"


This new-ish UNREAD (release #122) offers some finer NE trash and roll, presumably rehearsed and recorded in one of three attached apartment houses that do that sort of thing in Omaha. David Kenneth can howl like a Mick + Jonathan steering a scrap heap through through basement leakage, with extra cowbell and tape hiss in his crew to spare. Themes are typically isolationist, drunkenly and existentially, scrubbing streets and unloading spiritual ammo, not impervious to loneliness but not defeatist. Choice moments arrive in the way of shimmering leads over crashing free rhythms with the song structure teetering more towards the chaotic. Mid album track "Lights Stay On" shifts to a lower gear for slower burners and some country joe reminiscent jamms. The tougher/leathery tracks approach the cook-out zone but mostly steer the ship smoothly back on course. - CASSETTE GODS (Matt Robidoux)