L.E. Methe - "a million birds making a frightfull racket"

the "citizen arnoux" allows unread to release a cassette found in the rafters of his previous dwelling, after 4 or 5 years of sitting in the stink, its dusted off...cut-to-hell magnetic tape, violin squall/feedback, beat up answering machines stained with red wine.
glockenspiel (?!)


Okay someone's gonna have to explain this one too me. The legend here is that Christopher Fischer moved into Lonnie Eugene Methe (of a band called Naturaliste - know em? I don't)'s old house and found a tape in the rafters of the house and persuaded Methe to let him release it. Of course, Methe and Naturaliste have already recorded for Unread in the past, so the fact that this could just be a fabricated tale of serendipity is not lost on yours truly. Call me on the ball for once. Apparently when Fischer released it he (or someone) added short acoustic songs to the end of the sides to fill it out, but he couldn't find that version so I got the non-acoustically-augmented version instead. No matter, this is a fucked up enough tape as it is, fucked up like whoa. The first side purports to be "experimentations for answering machine/violin". Whaaaa? Wheels of confusion, they are a-spinnin'. But it's totally feasible. First side is indeed a horrible mess of high-pitched feedback and tape manipulation scramble, seemingly generated from...an answering machine and a violin. You can even hear the odd voice cropping up now and again, though they're quickled drowned again in metal scrapfest hell. Kinda sounds like Raven Strain, C. Spencer Yeh, Nate Young's Hatred project, or maybe even Robert Ashley's early work like "The Wolfman"...as a matter of fact, shouldn't this be listed on the Hanson distro by now? Wow. Definitely weird. Just when I thought I was for sure about to go blind, the side switched over and got a lot quieter...in fact the entire first ten minutes are seemingly dedicated to a xylophone plucked aimlessly and some rattling chimes and the last ten to the plodding rhythm of a metronome, a wine glass being hit, and indeed the occasional violin cut. What a baffling listen that seems to go on for hours - you'd hate it. All the more reason why you should buy it and be wooed by Unread's monochromatic investigations into bizarro/outsider/top 40 dark matter. I sure was and I don't know if I'll ever be the same. Let's hope not!