a bizzare collage of various found sounds and source tapes collected and compiled over the past few years. all sound/speech transmitted through glass, cleaning containers, abandoned buildings, above ground tombs, pipes, drainage ditches, cloth, etc. and re-captured onto busted tape decks, handhelds, and the like. source material includes : metal tech/c. mcalister collaboration tapes soiled by leaked sewage pipe, traffic and street sounds on first ave, nyc. coney island in stereo, york preacher, robot sculptor, marches of the israli defense team, boxfan, jon wayne texas funeral, dion megregor talking in his sleep, dolphin interpretations, the vietnam war, shrimp, porpoises, internet, and so much more.

"pure death"
"wounded military man"
"burnt skin"
"burnt muscle"

"sun stroke"
"fatal mistake #1"
"fatal mistake #2"
"wounded woman"
"fatal mistake #4"


Is this a Lucky Dragons recipe? A Secret Mommy blast of mouth sounds? Field music for the nu century? Yep, all three, really. Ethan Rose, too. This is Fie Mu in the most essential sense of the word, though. Constantly skittering to new environs, often fast-forwarding through what could be voice-over boredom, always keeping an ear out for that which isn't addictive enough to stick. I have an old Raccoo-oo-oon tape that sounds like this (I can't even find it anymore), all stampeding bass bubbles and samples scree. I don't want to say Muscles will someday brave the same peaks, but the groundwork has been laid. The art is amateur-cool too, just like r-coon's. There's even a list of source material and collaborators (which include Cave Bears, L.E. Methe, Joe Tingley, Tyler Whitney; only Cave Bears ring a bell): "Metal Tech/C. McAlister collaboration tapes soiled from a leaked sewage pipe" ... "The Story of the Atom Bomb, Vol. 1, narrated by Bob Hope" ... "Assassination of a President The Four Black Days first eyewitness account" ... "John Wayne - Texas Funeral" ... "The Dream World of Dion McGregor" ... The list goes on and on. If this doesn't pique yr curiosity, nothin' will. Did I mention this is a compilation, not a proper release? Helmed by Christopher Fischer, btw. - TINY MIX TAPES (GUMSHOE)