naturaliste - "i prefer the stairwell, to sleep, you see"
[lathe cut seven inch]

naturaliste was a long running performance collective out of omaha, nebraska. shifting over time from a pretty tight group focusing on experimental textures and sound, to an all out debacle of absolute nonsense and chaos. members drifted in and out over the course of some, really, pretty solid releases - usually captured from live settings and released on labels such as : imvated, public eyesore, white-rose network, gameboy, and the grand (but now defunct) seagull. the various members always seemed to self implode upon any given performance, as the actual level of talent ran high - but live settings were often akin to nervous breakdowns - and an occasional onslaught of verbal abuses - if not directed towards the audience, then drivin inward to the group or even oneself. this is not to say there was not some really stellar creative musical slaughter taking place...there was. since the last performance, a good 7 years ago, the core members have since moved to opposite ends of the world. litterly. these recordings were made originally with naturalistes first studio lp in mind, in which none of the members occupied the same studio settings. attempts at working / re-working alot of this material have also taken place over the past near decade. and what this little platter delivers is a whirlwind of actions. live recordings, spoken word, field recordings, and tons upon tons of other random detrius is piled into two side long pieces. 7 years in 14 minutes. seems about right. pretty meticulous recordings packed in this chunk. limited to a first edition run of only 30 copies, on handcut thick poly lathes. $10.

members include : lonnie methe, charles lareau, bryan day, christopher fischer, brion poloncic, david downing, eric baughman, simon joyner, josephine joyner, mario alderfer, chris deden, andrew berkely, etc. etc.