noggin - "listen not to vain works of empty tongue"

sixty minutes of re-worked live material from this legendary bellingham guitar / violin duo. missive spark, squeeeel, and clank that hits like a train wreck in the brains.

"put your ingenuity to work in anything your doing"
"god have given you one face, and you make yourself another"
"listen not to vain works of empty tongue"
"you never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems"

"learn to relax, avoid nervous strain"
"someone of importance could let you down"
"you will have gold pieces by the bushel"


in the 00s, the heyday of cdr burners, cassette labels are starting to become something of a novelty. one that still exsists and is well worth writing home about is nebraska label, unread. one of the many things to get is bellingham duo, noggin's "listen not to vain works of empty tongue" which offers seven epic pieces of sputtering improv, constructed from violin and guitar, or more accurately found among the shards of corrosive violin rake and guitar roar. once youve penetrated through the surface of noise and the battle betwixt the two instruments, you will find haunting instrumentals with great psychic powers that are likely to have you banging your head against the wall as they are to put you in the middle of some surreal film illustrating urban plight. - broken face

* * *

Me being me, half my music conversations begin with me complaining about how few cassette labels there are nowadays. The invention of the CDR hath wrought havoc on the world, and it seems as if the once abundant tape purveyors have all crawled back into their respective holes and gotten day jobs. However, there still is a strong following in the underground, and of the cassette labels remaining, there are basically two major camps: the lo-fi indie pop bedroom recorders and the prolific noise fiends. And while Unread does often release things from the former category, this release belongs firmly in the latter one. The tracks on Listen Not To Vain Words Of Empty Tongue are live experimental improv recordings done on electric guitar and violin. They are noisy and brutal, primitive in a way, but surprisingly sophisticated. The sound is caught quite well, and while this is certainly an experimental affair, I find it remarkable listenable. The extremely dense sonic explosions of sound, occasionally outrageous, occasionally tuneful, work well to keep the listener entertained. The two members of Noggin are clearly very talented performers, and there is an interesting communication between the violin and the guitar that adds depth to the recording. The only unfortunate aspect is that Noggin's audience may be unjustly limited due to the lack of accessibility on this tape. Overall, this is a fine release that free improv fans should enjoy. If a violin / electric guitar freak-out sounds like fun to you, Listen Not To Vain Words Of Empty Tongue won't disappoint. - indieville