places we slept - "sad, stoned & horny"
[one sided lp]

omahas hearthrobbing/full force of nature equals hard twee with a touch of acoustic nonsense. a spitting and spattering to make you feel welcome...this l sided lp has enough UMMMPH in it to carry you down the candy lane. long play e.p. of six short songs to catch your heart and brains. quirk strum with equal glums...heavy handed electic wash blows the doors down! all this limited to only (a frist run of) 150 handmade copies...multi colred screen prints and crayon on recycled covers. get on the tip before it all fails.

"my girlfriend molly"
"not a very fun guy"
"daddy i$$ues"
"pregnant with and elephant"
"sorry wrong number (he blew it)"
"i was born crying"



a new release from the almighty unread records. this here is ripe for the drippin' and congealin'. catchy, wobbling, lo-fi, adjective, adjective, sad, blown-out excellence from places we slept. this one-sided 12" kicks off the right way. the girlfriend of the band, molly, is a lady covered with a sheen of sweat, all scuzzy-like and with a beauty that has to be clawed at to get to. she sets up a precedent that is to be followed for the sad, stoned, and horny throughout. come unhinged / re-hinge / unhinge again (six times over). you're in for short, pretty bursts of loud sadpop and turpentine that are curled around three even shorter blips of sebadoh-esque tape manipulation and false starts (garble). it's the kind that begs to be heard on vinyl. act fast, procrastinator. there are only 150 of these silkscreened things. - SLEEPING IN ON A MONDAY

The kind of low-fidelity fuzz jammer we always hope to get in over here, all yelping young man angst and weed-addled melodies, sprawling and noisy and immediate. The title may say enough, but the music, restless and inspired as it is, manages to say even more, lost souls of the Midwest scraping resin and dreams out of a part-time lifestyle. May their flail never end. Silkscreened sleeve. - STILL SINGLE (Doug Mosurock)