the prairies - "wasted forever"

the prairies, hail from...well, the prairies...of nebrasaka...and they deliver unto you an excess of pop that is barely containable in the silver oxcide of their first full length release "wasted forever" - the title strikes hard to the core, having spent more then a few years in nebraska myself, let me tell you, it is hard to get by in any given day without atleast a few cocktails. its in the soil out there. the dirt and dust of the midwest is transfered lovingly to this magnetic tape, warts and all...for the prairies give you the utmost overblown spew to warm all your parts. equal riff, and equal rafff, and all glory...enjoy. i sure as hell do.

"the end"
"never comin' home"
"pop naps"
"whipped dream"
"prairie surfin' (beach bone demo)"

"big bob's fish filets"
"tell them so"
"broken tambourine"