kyle jacobson - "pregnant with boredom"
[cassette box set]

this is it. a cornicopia of songs culled from all the "official" kyle jacobson releases. a huge collection of early songs, and concepts caught lovingly to magnetic tape. have you ever had a match made in heaven? nows about time to get the dirt and leave your lover. very early unread tapes, self released mishmash, and archaic recordings compiled from god-knows-where. kyles songwriting was very much his own, but nods and recording techniques can be traced to alot of the influentual and heavy hitting bedroom lo-fi kings of the underground. hints of early lou barlow acoustica, erics trip power anthem and the wintery-type sounds of early danny j...all blended up with the childlike touch and catchyness of an early tullycraft venture. of course none of this does justice to (what in my opinion) is some of the best in home-recorded musics ever. all of this playing through a brain of a kid who just wants to destroy the world, but doesnt know why. completly tempremental treatments that will make you lower hatchet slowly to your head. in a good way. limited to only 30 copies, 3 cassettes housed in multi-colored silkscreened box, with small booklete of photos and statements of intent. $25 ppd.

* * *

cassette #1 - "lonesome suburb kid blues"

cassette #2 - "destroy decepticons"

cassette #3 - "alone in my room having a heart attack" b/w "early songs"