ed rooney - "old / new standards"

in preperation for the magnum opus (forthcoming - "give up artist" seven inch) edward rummages through a multitude of unlabled old handheld cassettes from the archives...the results were overwhelming and confusing. attempts are made to catalog hundreds of 1-2 minute pop songs and sounds, as well as origins traced back through blackout memories. this cassette compiles one small scrap of the sounds and songs and readings that have been long forgotten.

"give me a call"
"we are all gonna sing!"
"swollen bones"
"go for broke"
"beaten bad"
"dead friend"
"hurting / eggs"
"lending hands"
"overcrowded brains"
"serious as shit"

"bone dry"
"fall to death"
"my punctured other"
"easier this way"
"storm / etc"
"my only mistake"
"we will kill"
"monster cram!"
"song for andy"