rot box

painstakingly long-delayed compilation of unread heavy hitters & beyond. this one was originally thought to compile long out of print, and unused demo songs, etc. from unread vaults, as well as new material - but has instead just turned out to be an all exclusive song affair with brilliant execution. artists include : NUTRITION FUN / SAM LOCKE-WARD / KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE / SNOWSTORM / CALEB FRAID / JOHN THILL / ED ROONEY / SIMON JOYNER / CHAUCHAT / WHITMAN / WELL WATER / JOE TINGLEY / RUDY WALTZ / MEEK RISHI / SCOTT JACOBSON / FRANKLIN BRUNO / WILLIAM WESLEY & THE TINY SOCKETS / CHARLIE MCALISTER / JUSTIN O'CONNOR / CAR COMMERCIALS / WOODS / BIRDIE HILLTOP / L.E. METHE / ED GRAY / INDIAN LORE...get it all in one place. best bet for fun!!!


Rot Box (Unread Records) was of interest for me because it has Samuel Locke-Ward, Ed Gray, and Simon Joyner on it ó three midwest songwriters I like a lot and think people ought to know about. Each of them have especially excellent songs on here, and have released cassette albums on this same label as well (including Samís legendary Boombox By Bedside) ó in fact, pretty much everybody on this comp has. Iíd say Sam, Simon, and Ed have probably the best stuff on here, but I could be biased. Woods is on here too, I just donít remember much about their song right now. Just from those names you probably know to expect lo-fi folk with some experimental twists. I also particularly remember and enjoy Caleb Fraid and Franklin Brunoís songs. Unread has a pretty extensive catalog worth reading through, youíll probably find some stuff you want. - centipede farm