c. mcalister & singing sandbar - "blame it all on god / picnic at the dam" - cassette

brand new offering of mcalister strum and gums. this time joined with the singing sandbar, his latest group...which is a fresh new outlook on the real deal youve grown to love. splitting the seams comes guitar, banjo, vilolin, horns and such tokeep you running after your own breath. love songs to detrius and foreign lands. delusions like marble hitting marble. includes digital download

"blame it all on god"
"the reunion"
"wiper motor"
"sad but true"
"drinking alter wine"
"(you can) go to hell"
"we saw the devil"
"major retrospective"
"the sky in november"

"picnic at the dam"
"gingham & plad"
"going back to chatsworth"
"peroxcide child"
"these days will be over"
"we not like chicken little"
"staff infection"