eloine - "green stump"

eerie otherworldly sounds emit from stereo speakers. plunk and pluck from various acoustic instruments. oddly compeling recording from post-sistrum project.

"10-key travelogue"
"silent hula"
"a fast weepy"

"lda is celluloid, ldy"
"zinc cross"


Bryan Day's Eloine project appears to have replaced his previous solo efforts as Sistrum. Sistrum was one of my favorites coming out of Omaha. Now that he's moved on to Eloine, I can safely say that Eloine has topped Sistrum in just about every way. This new release, a short tape on the Unread imprint, is an ethnically charged exploration of new sounds and atmospheric moods. The five tracks on "Green Stump" are like a journey through time and space. It's an experiment in compressing physical distance through music, and as such is executed perfectly. "A Fast Weepy" opens the second side of this tape. With huanted screechings and tattered strums of an unidentifiable instrument, you feel like you're floating down the Yellow River in China or are isolated somewhere in Tibet. It's fantastic. Bone-like rattles grace "LDA is Celluloid, Ldy," and kalimba is used throughout this cassette. Jews harps, droning organs, and various percussive and stringed instruments all make their presence felt. Day's ability to combine such diverse sounds from various places in the world is nothing short of impressive. The overt organic nature of these recordings only adds to their power and impact. Sistrum may be dead or on hiatus, but I am more than happy to have Eloine in its place. I can honestly say this is the best cassette release I've heard in 2004. Highly recommended. 9/10 - foxy digitalis