as yet no title

all exclusive singer-songwriter fair. stark ballads, utilizing mainly acoustic guitar and voice. songs of desperation, despair, mermaids, and ghosts.

nutrition fun - "hardcore you"
ed gray - "you have me at a disadvantage, sir"
a john henry memorial - "country"
simon joyner - "chlorine"
chauchat - "bon girl"
ehrlichman - "chronology"
dennis driscoll - "penelope"
the boyish charms - "the age of parity"
will simmons - "only in your eyes"
the bruces - "there"
national dust - "ashes on the highway"
caleb fraid - "dream content"
brad rose - "chaos is beautiful"
george willard - "im still me"
charlie mcalister - "chineese dolls/ping pong"
celesteville - "black is the color of my true loves mail"
bright eyes - "metal fire cracker"
whip - "girl with miracle hair"
wio - "green=grass"


Do you have $3 available for entertainment expenditures? Do you have a cassette player? If so, you need need need to head over to Unread and drop that $3 bill in the mail in exchange for their As Yet No Title cassette, a various-artists compilation featuring many heavy-hitters of the cassette underground of yesteryear, still as vital, if not more so, than ever, plus several relative newcomers. In stark contrast to many cassette underground compilations of yesteryear, the hit-to-miss ratio is very very high--every track is fantastic. And each side closes with a fantastic, worth-waiting-for song: the first side with the Bruces' "There", which takes the epic-orchestral feel of The War of the Bruces into some darker, starker territory (which I think would have been great on the album...), and the second side with the ever-dependable Wio's stunning mandolin(?)-shimmer "green=grass". There is a Celesteville track that I barely remember recording on an instrument that I possessed only briefly, there is a song by cover-page-of-the-Oregonian's-A&E-page-superstars Bright Eyes (right after the Celesteville track, so dozens if not hundreds of Bright Eyes fans will have the pleasure of fast-forwarding through my 12-string heart-rendingness), there is everything you have ever wanted in one cassette, including noteworthy tracks by Tape Mountain recording stars Charlie McAlister, Ehrlichman (aka Scott Jacobson), and A John Henry Memorial. I listened to it in my rapidly-emptying living room this morning, all the way through, tape hiss and nostalgia and dust all commingling, the living room more echoey than ever before, and it was 64 minutes of wonderful bliss. Wow. - crown of trinkets.