CHAUCHAT - "stunts and rates (2001 - 2008)"

over the years songwriter tyler whitney has crafted a handful of beautiful fully realized albums. this here cassette collects all the fragments, and experiments along the way. it really dont play like a b-sides, or outtake affair, yet truthfully - as the next in the series of whitneys ever growing (and painfully overlooked) discography. cold wooden floorboards heat up. first edition with 2-color screened covers.

"bread lines"
"riding crop"
"infantile state"
"ivans phonebill"
"two of them"
"forget the pain"
"andreja from germany"
"dead lies"
"thanks for the season"
"flashlight to the sky"
"money on the shelf"
"lets get sick"
"haunting the threshold"
"beetles in the snow"
"forgotten song"