JOHN THILL - "broken freeways"

newer then new cassette from john and by...inland strum. high concept recordings dealing with a future of absent fuel in the suburbs of los angeles...mainly west corvina. but not limited to. listen close to the new sound of songwrite. hearty and full.

"the land between the rivers"
"petty king"
"joker and the nazis"
"the flower of west corvina"
"white power"
"holiday at the biosphere"

"broken freeways"
"slow rapture"
"the pillars of old malibu"
"the golden hills"
"dry year"


You know those commercials for XBox 360 that start off squarely focused on a blank face, followed by a slow rotation of the camera around to the back of the persons head, where we see that the head has been sliced in half-vertically and there is some type of miniature scene unfolding in the back of this persons empty skull? Listening to this tape by Los Angeles folkster John Thill reminds me of those commercials, except the tape isn't creepy or disturbing at least not in the same way as the commercials. Here, Thill opens up his chest cavity to reveal a glitteringly detailed and expansive diorama of life in the LA suburbs, populated with bizzarro characters from childhood-friends-turned-street-gang-kings (Petty King) to legendary local debutantes (The Flower of West Covina) and all cast in potently affecting tales articulated beautifully in Thill's subtly accented wail. Whether singing about riding his bike on freeways, white supremacist groups, or the apocalypse, Thill brings a truly necessary energy to each and every song, raising the overall wallop-packing power of this cassette. - gabriel keehn (tiny mix tapes)