WILLIAM WESLEY & THE TINY SOCKETS - "dont dowse the house"

newest collection from william wesley and his trusty 4-track. overblown pop racket and crazed sound collage all rolled up onto one trusty spool of magnetic tape. the fragments of clutter strewn all over this document are boggling. from quick blips and tinkerings to bizzare conversations and messages culled from god-knows-where. this is all ground to putty and spat back out with levels so hot, they are cool.

"not okay"
"you live in a city/throw up all night"
"happy birthday to me"
"i hope you have a shitty fucking birthday"
"id rather be all alone"
"i hope i never see you again"
"im going to bed"
"ricky scaggs/fred rogers/need to take a crap"

"bleed all day"
"lets now discuss side 2 of this tape"
"sometimes i make myself sick"
"this tape is a paperweight"
"who am i"
"alone everyday"
"at worst hungover/at best dead"
"dont dowse the house"