songs from a door

a collection of exclusive songs from those brave enough to take on the concept of recording a song, utilizing only a door (or doors) as instrumentaion. what we recieve is an excellent group of songs & sounds reaching from the upclose to the outermost. in the running...true high arts.

metal tech - "door solo / solo door"
sam locke-ward - "spinning wicked records"
caleb fraid - "as one door closes, another one shuts"
eloine - "hollowcore"
whitman - "ever since you left"
fun - "song from a door"

crank sturgeon - "a door adore"
church of gravitron - ".... .."
ed gray - "porched in"
l. eugene methe - "close another door"
dennis callaci - "an awful lie"
manhorse 3 the meatbag - "c'mon in"