felicia atkinson - "les bois rouges"

felicia atkinson is a musician / writer / visual artist who resides in brussels, belgium by way of paris, france. her artistic approach : be it visual, or musical deals heavy in minimalism and the space between objects. the missing, the desire, the unspeakable. this tape captures a few epic sculptures of sound. "songs" by and by are seemingly heavly meditated upon. junk culture surfaces and is quickly abolished. a beautiful and mysterious releases that could quickly be slapped with certin tags, if not for the amount of true and inspiring thought that was put into these works. comes housed in the most "high-def" cover unread has put forth yet. also includes a digital download.

"this impermanent gold"
"all the roads are circular"
"the sorcerer"
"infant empire"


Something of an exotic release for Unread, ‘Les Bois Rouges’ is the latest long-player by Félicia Atkinson (aka Je Suis Le Petit Chévalier), a singer/painter/minimalist who moves European states as easily as Chris Fischer relocates label HQ on this side of the ocean. A past collaborator of Sylvain Chauveau, Atkinson’s guitar and organ drones sit nicely on the spindly diagram linking Chauveau to artists like Stars of the Lid, and Euros like Alistair Crosbie and Enfer Boréal to American tape labels such as Peasant Magick. The songs of ‘Les Bois Rouges’ are distributed over five tracks of similar length, titled for literariness and Borgesian evocation in a classic maneuver to give these subtle abstracts a guiding thread. Opening track “Salinger” links nicely around to closing track “Infant Empire”: with whole notes dropped into the ether like stones, the former methodically hints at pattern with tones resonating into oblivion, the lonesome guitar stroke notching into the vocal moans and restless harmonia of the latter. Despite the vastness of the canvas and travelogue implied in the title, Atkinson’s strumming and sequencing makes her compositions feel as if from a very small and static space, corresponding to the bookish esoteric which is scripted across this release. Case in point, “The Sorcerer” casts a rather bleak portrait of melancholic occultism through whirring synthesis and clanging tones, with something distinctly Provençal in its damp scents which can be detected to lesser degrees but throughout the tape. On labeled cassettes with color J-cards. Recommended. - ANIMAL PSI