rake kash - "old masters"

these days there is a whirlwind of action / artists com-busting upon synth music in the underground, though most of them focus more towards a 1980s type vibe or a hollow soundscape wash. lonnie eugene methes : RAKE KASH project steams up from a different realm altogether. utilizing various synth keyboards, organs and piano (as well as sparse and occasional drum & guitars) this combo conjures up an off-kilter soundtrack reeling in atmosphere and honesty. previous solo RK experiments were locked room affairs and felt more like romantic offerings to the empty glass. here, with the addition of various players things have grown and become much more fluid and focused. but as with any good sentiment or intention the line does tend to seem to snap. includes digital download.




if any release this year was suited for cassette, its this one. rake kashs long awaited release on unread tapes embodies one of the pillars of the DIY tape scene: to ventureinto uncharted musical territory. its an album difficult to classify; it borrows from an unexpectedly vast array of familiar influences, making for a sound so crowded and dense that it defies categorization, no small feat for a record consisting of just 6 instrumental jam sessions. rake kash takes cues from kraftwerks penchant for repetition, layering doors-ian organ, smooth jazz, piano (dripping with a hint of noir) and triumphant squalls of overdriven guitar. i almost feel like this is the sort of music played over the speakers at outdoor shopping malls in another dimension thats slightly different than ours, giving its familiar yet somewhat sinister sound. if your a fan of the abstract, new-agey sounds of the vaporwave/mallsoft genre, give rake kashs new tape a try. - HALF GIFTS ZINE