will simmons - "second lines and second halfs"

pittsburgh popster throws down a collection of songs from the past couple years or so...22 micro gems that run the gamut of quirky quick jaunts to small blasts of lonesome goodness and perfect guitar tones via distant lands. sometimes cryptic, sometimes crippling (*see bad co's "ready for love" version) yet always : ALL simmons. first edition of 150 multi-colored silkscreened / hand stamped sleeves with extensive liner notes from quayle smithers and digital download.

"the highway"
"second lines and second halfs"
"transylvania two-step"
"first : i tricked the tiger"
"deep hollow"
"first rays of a new dawn"
"a scene, etched in a whalebone"
"saucers about to land"
"through the keyhole"

"do the bustle"
"caught in the wind"
"ready for love"
"the silhouette"
"the jockey song (version)"
"above the clouds"
"october : fall color"
"mission : unfathomable"