the dad - "an evening with dads"

originally released in 2011 on the fab(led?) slum goddess label, this cassette was an instant hit among omaha, nebraskas blown apart basement pop scene. seemed to be in print one moment, then nowhere to be found the next make matters worse, i believe a box was taken on an early tour, and accidentally forgotten atop the car...and scattered upon the pavement in the middle of nowhere USA. unread is happy to re-release this collection of tin can damaged pop song pre-history. includes digital download.

"girls look fine"
"fill this bucket"

"pleasant girls"
"girls never"
"wholly shit"


Omaha no-fi indie/twee rocking. Heavy on the organ grind backed with trebly guitar and tape hiss. A baker's dozen of poppers with a few varieties: most sound K Records style, some in a more garage-influenced Sixties pop direction, some are straight power pop tunes done up in the lo-fi tradition. Certainly some pop-punk good-natured spirit as well, the off-key vocals keep it just quirky enough. I feel like these guys would've got along well with the Very Small Records family of bands pretty well or fit in on Secret Center. They're no Nar, but they would get along well on a bill with them I'd imagine. - terminal boredom