the debts - "college girl (single)"
[lathe cut]

the debts. omahas provider and deconstruct-er of half familiar folk tune and sing song. dane plays it by ear. hyper-strums and picks his way in and through some of the best penned musical numbers being writ. this exciting new "single" is one overblown brain bender, that is as dark as it is light. its followed with a collage of sound and sample that feels just right after a belly of the driest wine on earth. you feel as sucked in as your rot gut does. the first in a new series of single sided clear square lathe cuts, this also includes a 16 page book entitled "its fashion week folks" containing trash and correspondence collage from months of writing back and forth about this here project. lathes cut in an edition of only 35 numbered copies. hand sawed clear plexi, greased with a thin layer of turtle wax to keep the surface noise down to near non exsistant! cassette version available from "snack records" - omahas premier vending machine "cassette & snack" label!

"college girl (single)"
"cry havoc"