i am the lake of fire

someone wants to mysterious. and i am not equipted to say - oh oh who - so let it just be a wash over you. attic recordings from prime nothwestern singer songster, that gets muddled by unread hq - per usual. you can maybe guess. but these song stroke some sort of ancient uihhh "blasphemy" maybee. maybe not. ? the one and original, the thing that harkens to all of what unread encompassess. be on - on on - please dive in as well. first edition on 100 screened covers.

"i am the survivor of demon attacks"
"i am the kingdom (your true home)"
"i sm the nothing"
"i am the justice"

"i am the son of the morning"
i am the end of your world & the start of the next""
"i am the lord judge"
"i am not too late"