swingset - "recorded on four track"

in the pre-history days of this small little record & cassette label, there was the release that started it all. this here cassette is a re-issue that contains that very first unread cassette, as well as bits and pieces from other early unread releases, and also unheard found material circa the good old days of 1994-1996 or so. swingset was a pretty amazing band, that in my young head thought blew the sonic doors off anything i had ever experienced. in reality, they sort of were. but the real treasure lies in their very unique recording styles. (*see/find unread #8 to hear what i am talking about) this is not nearly as hodgepodge as it could have been. i showed restraint in presenting the material for this re-issue.

"pop song 2000"
"new years broog"
"junky punch"
"sloppy like the day"

"all of us / our friends"
"art bell"
"camiles buns"
"i cant understand"
"counting flies"
"eternity / nothing"
"the sun"
"baby a..."