hossflesh - "evil takes many forms"

yet another damn group bubbles up in omaha, from the massive pool of extremely talented 20-somethings. the amount of love and respect everyone has for everyone would make even the most hardened heart turn to mush. this group forms via the cocktails head hunko : noah sterba - and includes two members from the dad - both of which individually have brilliant tapes for sale here too, as : razors & the cheap smokes. delve in headfirst! its not as hard as you think! this new band swirls everything up good into nice grey matter. driving country / folk pop tunes that are sure to get stuck deep in your macaronis. all a bit off the beaten path...its actually about as perfect as a cassette can get. first edition comes in hand numbered / stamped covers, and includes a digital download.

"love song for the end"
"in the city"
"girl is charmed""
"capitol hill"

"free forever"
"think i forgot"
"in the canyon (desolation blues)"
"evil takes many forms"