will simmons & the upholsterers - "innuendo : the italian way"

following (and recorded around the same time frame) as the "second lines and second halfs" cassette, this shares a few songs that were mere sketches, but now achieve full band treatment - pure toned guitar beauty / snappy off kilter drums / grave digging bass riff & heavy headed trombone blurts that are as lonely as they are necessary to this near perfect album of soft and sleek pop song. this is the cassette version of the vinyl lp (unread #140) of the same name. vinyl issued in edition of 300 and co-released with almost halloween time, cassette in a first edition of 100 copies - silkscreened covers with extensive liner notes. also includes digital download.

"kisses on the nile"
"first: i tricked the tiger"
"ours, but never free"
"sing little bird"
"landscape with stag and hound"
"waiting for the night"

"the silhouette"
"autographed by the sidewalk, his face"
"the telephone"
"lonely, tonight"
"the chills"
"the dummy song"
"the end of your wire"