zach la grou - "the catbird seat"

something is happening, and i dont know what. the water is fresh and vibrant. the liquor flows well into the gut. and then again we have another plus! zach is a wanderer of sorts. he likes his experience. hell who dont? while (what i assume) he diverges from his days of decadence, he manages to fill up a cassette of pure perfect sing-song beauty. muddled pop and near perfect melodies that strive for something much more than, say, the : "boy in bedroom" type affair. it veers to a somewhat NMH sort of structured bliss, but captures all of it own sound. comes complete with hazy electronic misfires, juttering lead guitar solos, warm strings, and a "re-verb that every-sinking-feeling" sort of love. please enjoy.

"you are my friend"
"feeling slighted"
"caroline instead"

"new amsterdam"
"i learned it again"
"catbird seat / margaret / sunset"