spirit duplicator - "corridor forever"

spirit duplicator, what can be said? the name of one jake anderson who has been releasing a cornucopia of brilliant pop sounds, and sound sounds from his early 1980s high school band "the raunchy young lepers" into the many many monikers such as: celesteville / yak brigade / yak & / etc. etc. a whirlwind performer out of portland, OR - seemingly recording and messing about with various failed and antiquated equiptment. owner of the tape mountain label, who is sporadic and always compelling. this tape finds 100% anderson compositions - all of which deal with hallways / corridors and maze-like confusion. one of 3 recordings created over the past year, which deal on subjects and fit together, but so much as, the missing pieces of a larger whole. brilliant and dying like the day. first edition of 100 covers printed on dot matrix printer, with hand mimeo-stamped imprint. digital download included.

"edge detector"
"luscious green corridor"
"luscious green corridor"

"luscious green corridor"
"bored ghost"
"hallway odyssey"